15 Responses to “Episode #40”


Can anyone enlighten me on the subject of what song has been used for the intro and outro music? I would really appreciate it.

I think it’s an extended version of the PS2 Half-Life: Decay menu music by Brandon Bloom. The filename was hlmenu_extended.mp3 and it was a little over 2 minutes long. Not sure where you can get it though, the author’s site is down and I couldn’t find a working link after a quick Google.

Thanks Nic, that’s the one. Unfortunately I can’t find it either, but I’ll keep looking.

Research and Development was made by matt_b from the Interlopers forums. Go there and PM him if you want an interview.

Could you guys maybe put a download link up? I was about half way through this yesterday and then my computer decided to die… I don’t really want to listen to it over again and my internet has a low data transfer limit/month so I don’t really want have to redownload this one all over again either.


Hey, you provided the ‘Full Transmission’, thanks for that. I was streaming it live late at night and the experience was a bit hazzy at some points so I’ll need to go back on some.

You need to stop advertising DM2SP. If it is forgotten, my entry has a better chance at victory :D