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I’m Dec, the only developer and team member of The Mortewood Plaza.

If you actually read about my mod you will discover its not just a bunch of “Crowbar Replacements” its a mas array of melee and normal weapons, all with different damage and animations. The reason their is so many is because the mod is based on Dead Rising for Xbox360 with the weapons.

If you do happen to read up on Mortewood you will find that it is really early, and that weapons are not the only feature, they happen to be the thing i’m furthest ahead in with the mod, and that is the reason allot of these are shown as of yet.

My main goal is to fill everyone needs with a mod. This includes:
- Many new maps.
- Many new weapons.
- Allot of game time and game play.
- Large variation of game types and game modes.
- Multiplayer & Singleplayer and eventually Co-op game play.
- Good storyline.
- Hours of zombie killing fun.
- And anything else that can be thought of i will tackle.

Just remember its hard being a one man team, the only thing keeping me going is the enthusiasm and praise i get for making it :P

And so there is so many features planned, and the weapons are just one of these many features.

I hope this will make you look more into my mod, maybe check some of the new media, and comment on the new ideas and give you feedback through another AMAZING pod cast!

I enjoyed it, and although i wanted nothing but praise, like everyone does :P, it was still an awesome listen, and i’m happy that you included me.

Thanks. x

Firstly, sorry for the lack of replies from me.

We haven’t changed the structure of the show. Perhaps because we didn’t get so sidetracked with discussions this week during the news it looked that way.

@Hectic Glenn: Thanks for the update. We’ll probably mention it in the next show.

@VaLvEr: Thank you for staying positive. You need to read the comments to your demos very carefully because they contain the changes you need to make to improve. A prefect example is the very beginning. I mentioned in my original comments that it was easy to get stuck behind the wire fence. I don’t believe you changed this. Generally try and ask yourself, why am I putting this feature here? Is it realistic?

@Snotball: Glad to have you along for the ride!

@azelito: Thank you sir. I love the phrase “giga-candels”

@Otto: We’ll probably be changing the format of the trivia to something moire like an explanation rather than a simple question. Glad you liked the show.

Dang it, I knew who Dyson Poincare was and the name was so familiar but I couldn’t place my tongue on it! Ah well, thanks a lot for another great show. The site and forums are real excellent and couldn’t be any better, and I really enjoy listening to the interesting topics and discussion, thanks.

Figured you haven’t gotten all those comments you deserve, so here’s one:
Absolutely adore the podcast guys. Lightens up the start of the week by giga-candela’s.
Keep it up.

Hello again, this time I’m not here to complain about the podcast on Itunes ;)
I listened to this episode, and I had exactly the same experience with the Left 4 Dead demo, as your cousin did Phillip(I believe it was your cousin…) I played the demo, for the first time, with 2 friends of mine on advanced and we survived through the two maps in like 30 minutes, without taking to much damage, after that I was like, woah! sweet game, but it’s so damn short! Well, I played it again, and I have been playing it until now. This game really is addicting, you can play it forever :)
By the way, I really enjoy your podcasts, keep it up! :)
ps: Hey Snotball! :) remember me :D , I was working for a mod in the past (which is now abandoned…) it was some kind of puzzle, survive kind of mod, and we were also thinking of removing the hud, and having it in-game, someone should really do this, it would be sweet :)

Hello William and Phillip,

Thank you for a terrific show! I’ve been looking for something like this since Half-Life Radio was brutally raped and turned into the profit whore, GameShout.

I consider myself an experienced modder, and your gameplay discussions are cream in my ears. It’s fantastic to hear different opinions on various features like having no HUD and stuff like that – how you think modders should work around a daring concept like that for it to work properly.

I will certainly be listening in every week. You’ve got yourself a regular! :)

@Punky: usually how itunes works is it will download a certain number of “unlistened” podcasts, and sometimes ignores the newest based on how many you haven’t listened to.

Oh, if I’m correct, my Itunes automatically downloaded the previous two episodes, but not this one, I got podcast C9309 by clicking on the podcast button on the site though, thanks :)

@Punky: It’s already listed on iTunes. I just checked; it’s there.
@Hectic Glenn: Yea unfortunately we recorded the podcast BEFORE valve patched L4D. I’ll edit the show notes accordingly.

The Combine Force Citadel City17.

I can understand my demo is not as well done but I will try to become bedere and listen to others if they have some ideas for my mod :)

Another interesting podcast! when will the podcast become ‘downloadable’ on Itunes, because then I’ll have something to listen to on the bus tomorrow :)
I absolutely loved the union Mappack by the way!

Another great show guys. I have been hanging out all week for this one. I like how you have improved on the structure of the podcast.

@”01:04:52 – Does ModDB stifle smaller sites?” I think it does stifle smaller sites, infact it pretty much have wiped them off the face of earth. But as you have said, its not there fault as there site has great functionality and is great for giving your mod publicity. The main news sites if you will are moddb,interlopers and halflife2.net and planethalflife but thats a commericial piece of shit.

On another note, there is room for a few more mod news sites out there, i am planning to start one up myself. Maybe podcast17 and my site could be news partners or partner up if you will like you were talking about during the podcast