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Now, I’m no way a neotokyo fan, but: can you use that knife to … knife your oponent? I’ll even push this more: I don’t want to see on my knife “Solingen – Made in Switzerland”. I just want to stab players with it.

The players that enjoy the gameplay of the mod will stick with it, regardless of weapon aspect. They will form the hardcore community for it. The people who like it for graphics will play it, and move on to the next generation engine and it’s games/mods when they become available.

about releasing mods as they are finished: there are 2 mod developers 1: the y know what’s good and they make it like this, and it’s almost perfect but really need some tweaking (like nt)
2: the developers are not quite sure of things, and want to relesa the early beta version, to get some opinions about is.

nobody looks the gun skins? are u fuckin serous? have you seen fpsbanana? it’s basiccly a fuckin skinbase, and ppl are fuckin tired looking on the retard css knife and sleeves.

@Tibberius: We would love to have you on the show. I’m not going to be here this week so we postponed the Ross Scott interview…. again… You are welcome to come on this week, but be prepared that it may be crap cause I’m not around to supervise :P Email us at feedback@podcast17.com if you are interested.

If you want i can come on again and clarify what features the T2T update has brought and what you can expect from our TK punishment system that’s going to be released in a quick patch in July at some point.

@CubicVirtuoso: No it was still understandable, I just thought it might possibly be my audio :P

Btw, I uninstalled NeoTokyo 1 and a half our of play, I gave it a 10/10 but I disliked the gamemode(due to sitting out when dying), however it’s now been pretty much confirmed my 9 weeks vacation has started and NeoTokyo keeps spooking through my mind so I’m redownloading it again and just hope I don’t die too much or get too addicted(I do still have to work on FragOut :P)

@DuckSauce: You bring up a very valid point – releasing the server files first is of the upmost importantance…unfortunately, not too many mod developers know the major differences between server files and client files, and which one needs what.

Hmm I’m halfway accross the podcast and reading some comments here.
The advice I’ve missed(might be my fault as I’m doing stuff while listening) is that NeoTokyo made sure to besides the hyping to release the server files up front, you can hype your mod all your want but if at release there is only 1 or 2 or even 0 servers then most people are gonna uninstall and never get back to it again, so yeah besides hyping I’d say it’s a damn good advice for a multiplayer mod to release the server files up front so you’ll have enough servers to accomodate the players.

@Player1: Yes sorry, there was a latency issue and it degraded the quality of sound. Hopefully it doesn’t get on anyones nerves.

@stency: Wow. Congrats on a successful experiment :P If more mods followed this routine they could easily become as popular as NeoTokyo. If NeoTokyo brought just one thing to the modding table I believe that thing would be a perfect example of public relations work. I did not know you were behind most of it; and now that I know that, I can honestly say that you stency, even indirectly, were the most important member of the NeoTokyo team.

@Tatsur0: No problem dude. Good mods deserve good press. Congrats on a successful release.

I also extend my congrats to the entire NeoTokyo team.

It’s important to note that while NT for HL2 was developed for almost 5 years we’ve developed a number of game modes, props and textures, and maps. This release gives a small look at the work that we’ve put into NT. So in regards to Dans comment about waiting till its finished, we went beyond that and in my 12 years of modding it’s by far the best way to go about doing it imho. Also most of the members on the team work in the Industry. Appreciate the critique and praise.

On the subject of PR:

Now that I’ve pretty much concluded my “stint” with NT I’ll say it here. I was responsible for organizing the majority of their PR efforts in the the 3 weeks up to release, both on ModDB and beyond. It was more an experiment to prove a number of things to the modding community:

1)If your product is polished enough (whether on first release or otherwise), you can start reaching beyond the niche modding community and capture more mainstream gamers.

2)It’s not impossible to make a large impact with the release of a mod you’ve put years of honest work into. If developers invest just a small fraction of their time into a simple PR plan, they too could generate much more exposure for themselves.

3)The object of a PR campaign isn’t to get more people to like your game/mod. It’s just to inform people that it exists, so you can reach more of your potential audience. The larger your own fanbase, the less of an impact the trolls and negative comments will have.

4)Go big or go home. Make your release an event to remember, build up to it and squeeze out the anticipation. Creating an attachment to your mod takes advantage of most gamers’ already overblown sense of entitlement and generates word of mouth.

The things that I did could be done with any of the high profile mods on ModDB. The only reason it happened to NT was because they were the most receptive to the idea when I approached them with it (I did originally want to do the same for Dystopia with their Steamworks release, but didn’t get much of a response). As a result, their initial release received 60K downloads in just over 48 hrs. No Steamworks. The majority of publicity was spread through social networks, forums, etc (+Steam news post – but that was also due to the buzz that build-up PR generated.)

Other mods might not experience the same explosive results, but I can guarantee that it would exponentially improve overall community and fanbase. And for multiplayer mods that should be a priority.

A lot of mods have One Flag CTF: Quake 3 Team Arena, STALKER’s artefact hunt, heck, AvP2 Team Fortress has One Flag CTF :)

Yeah, I am pimping my mod here :)