10 Responses to “Episode #37”


@Sortie: Doh! I didn’t realize that was private information as it seemed just like any normal descrption. I’ll send you another message, sorry my friend!

“So, you hear that, Maxsi? You’re gonna get shot. So watch out.”

Apart for death-threats – it was a fun surprise to be featured on this podcast. And Maxsi Distribution has been in development for over a year and has been working for over 6 months, way before you mentioned it on this podcast. And the system is free in the first place – anyone can use the system if they provide the bandwidth themselves, unless they go through a simple application process like discussed in the podcast.

It was also surprising to have a private email to Matthew Dryden qouted, but I don’t mind it. ;-)

Thanks again guys for having Smashball Labs on the ‘cast. Krenzo and I had a great time. I loved the format, and the questions, and enjoyed addressing the challenges you had for us for some of our plans. We’d be glad to come back anytime, even if I do have to get up at the a$$crack of dawn to attend ;)

Awesome to see the Smashball team interviewed. Just discovered podcast 17 as well; I’m gonna tune in more :P

You forgot about Crosus. It’s the mod distribution system from ISOTX. So, Emanuel, I guess you have to break an extra set of knee caps :)

“Is this fun to watch?”

That line has stuck with me since Sunday. I actually had a few discussions with my own team members about some of the main topics in this interview and how they might apply to Modular Combat. So very interesting.