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In Hammer, Z is the vertical axis (depth). X and Y are latitude and longitude (you will see these top if you are looking top down). Emanuel is wrong!

Quote from Mod Db Page:

“This is what a lot of you have been waiting for, we are aiming to release June 24, 2009. Thats the goal and I am warning you that it will be anytime between then and the end of June.”

sick pod cast as always
every thing said is true

track mania nations forever is free off steam if you guys did not know that
i think you did, but for anyone who did not know, there you go
go DL it
play it
DL the tracks i have made :P, i made the tracks because i got tired of dealing with hammers crap (crashing) anyways Link: link

@stency: Thanks for the clarification, I really did enjoy your article. I thought it was extremely well written. Plus it was good ammunition towards the PHL article :P

@Da Fat Cat: Comment edited n00b.

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments on the article, but it wasn’t a preview. The humble beginnings tagline refers to how the team started with the Unreal 2 engine and moved on from there. I think the more interesting story and way to create attachment to a mod/game (from a grassroots approach) is to go beneath the surface. In NEOTOKYO’s case, they all started out with no game dev experience (only 1 had any pro training) to where they now all work at studios. The article made use of the wealth of content NEOTOKYO had hidden away and may have otherwise never surfaced publicly. Much more effective in building buzz than writing something that’s basically an embellished fanboy comment (sorry, nopk), but also more work.

At the end of the day, I believe reviews and impressions should detail the “experience” not just the mechanics. Creating value in content is important for sites like ModDB and PHL. The more you push out content that contains no real meat, the less credible and attractive an outlet you are – to developers and gamers alike. Oh, and have lots of pictures, people like pictures.

regarding the modding effects the gaming industry question. i only bought UT3 for the mods that would come out for it and not to play UT3 game. i also didn’t buy F.E.A.R. 2 because they decided not to release a mod sdk for it. though i might pick it up when it hits bargin basement pricing.