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Richard Dawkins in one of his lectures on TED talked about perhaps making games that taught quantum physics and superstrings that it would make ideas in those bizarre dimensions actually “make sense”. Interactions such as double split photon/wave experiments, etc. The section of the interview on teaching physics made me think of that ;)


im going to note what day it is today, and 20 years today im going to load up hl, and force any people i know to play it, same with RVB (which will still be going then in halo 6), and everything else that is awesome

awesome show as always guys

Holy McMuffin, polaris was fucking awesome.
I really LOVED the narration, it wasn’t overdone, pretentious or “witty” in any way, as stuff tends to be. I especially love the last lines, something like (SPOILER); “So we went home, had some pretty forgettable sex. Broke up two weeks later via text… But yeah, I don’t think about him much.”


are you still meaning to post the podcast on moddb, because it hasnt been updated for a month and a half.

Great podcast as usual, thanks guys =)

Emanuel, what were you going to say about “whats in the box?”, I’ve been following any news I can find about that project since I saw the testfilm but have not heard anything recently, give me my fix! =)