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Fuck you William. You can’t stem my creative genius. I’m leaving this goddamned podcast whether you like it or not.

Emanuel isn’t leaving. He told me he was going to post this; then i was like haha that’s funny, but now i see the communities reaction. He’s not leaving hes just being a douchebag.

Edit: I’ve removed all the comments concerning this as to not add confusion. PS there is no PHL podcast either. I hate it when emanuel does this… bah! Thank you everyone for your concern.

@PlanetPhillip: When I found Podcast 17, my first thought was: “Really?! Someone should have told me about this sooner!”

Concerning L4D2: L4D is awesome fun with friends. I suspect L4D2 will also be awesome with friends. That is my only thoughts on this subject.

The comments around the 1:10 mark about mods that don’t a have regular player base was really an important topic. Organizing a couple event nights a week of “let’s play ___ mod together at ___ time” could be a great way to get more audience feedback on mods for the show, give you guys players to compete with, and give some of these great mods the justice they deserve.

We’ve got a Podcast 17 Steam group… maybe add some Steam events in there so everyone logged in is reminded of whatever schedule you set up here? Just a thought…

Sorry Phillip but I think your rant was unnecessary. I buy Valve’s games because they have a fantastic track record, it has nothing to do with marketing. In fact I pay little attention to the marketing because a) the quality of the games speaks for themselves and b) I don’t think they really promote it as much as some other companies do anyway.

The TF2 marketing is different, and I think it’s very entertaining. It doesn’t make me play TF2 any more than I would (I only own it because it was part of The Orange Box) but I love the character shorts they make and their development blog is incredibly well-written and funny.

To say Episode 1 is mediocre is a bit harsh. There were parts of HL2 that I disliked more than Ep1 (Ravenholm, for example). What if Ep1 had been part of HL2? I don’t think it wouldn’t have been recognised as being lower quality. Maybe it’s just because it’s a separate product. Ep1 was essentially more of the same. Perhaps they should have changed the formula a bit like they did in Ep2, but at the time I’m sure everyone was screaming for more HL2. They learned from that and addressed it in Ep2, and that’s the whole point of their episodic approach.

i think the sg mod you are thinking about is actually the last stand. however, SG:L is also objective based.

it was originally intended to be StargateTotalConversion(a hl1 mod) in the source engine (this is what beta 1.0.5 is), but they have decided to make “their own mod” as it were(the upcoming beta2).

most/all of the assets from beta 1 are being replaced i believe.

SG:L beta1 info: http://stargatelegacy.net/index.php?action=beta1

SG:L beta2 info: http://stargatelegacy.net/index.php?action=beta2

I have to say, I’m very upset that the picture isn’t Gabe helping us cross the River Styx. Lookin’ at you Nic.

The only thing that will probably make me want L4D 2 is if Valve do it in some Orange Box-esque bundle that comes with Episode 3.

Besides Cubedude’s model contributions, Kevin McLeod’s music and Tony Newtons narration, Playbus (Chris Fox) and Kasperg (JM Ameyugo) are the authors of “Random Quest” :)
That doesn’t mean we stopped working on “The Citizen Part 2″, but it does hint at what we’ll really move to once our big HL2-themed mod is finally finished. You can expect “Random Quest Part 2″, but no “The Citizen Part 3″ will be made.

Hi guys. My reply aims mainly at Dave’s comments regarding L4D2:
– there are coop games that feel a bit like l4d: Iron Grip – Warlord is one that comes to my mind
– as an experiment, L4D it’s an expensive one. For such experiments you deliver free builds, to see how that is adopted by the community. But you don’t charge people to help you develop a game you’ll sell.

It’s not the quality of the game itself, is the business model that failed in this case. Some people are willing to fork the bucks for a week worth of fun, and a lot won’t. Their business model should appeal for most of them.