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Personally, I prefer the long format podcast (it is perfect the way it is!). Having more podcasts to download/manage would just be a pain. I have a long commute and so a long podcast is no issue for me – and I can always fast forward if I wanted to (not that I ever do!). Keep up the good work guys!

Also wanted to make a comment on Emmauel’s analysis on the engine. I doubt very much Flayra coded the entire thing from scratch – but rather built of off available technologies. Building a game engine for a specific function is easier (for people that know how that is) when you can develop from various 3d frameworks, APIs, utilities and other tools out there. I may be off-base, but it seems illogical to develop and engine from scratch with one person. Half-Life for example used a (heavily) modified Quake II engine.

Also, according from what is currently know about it, there is significant gameplay changes:

By the way, about the NS2 teaser:
“The hallway and alien footage shown in this movie was filmed entirely in-engine and showcases one of the playable classes – the “Onos”.” -Right underneath the teaser.

I’m personally a little sceptic as to what they can achieve with the game, but Emanuel needs to take into account how much more time they are actually spending on this than an average mod-team spend on an average mod.
I’m absolutely certain they can create their own engine, in fact it’s quite common since the indie games-boom a couple of years of go. Have a look at, from the top of my head, Overgrowth, Mount&Blade, Iron Grip (less attractive, but indie none the less)…

I can’t wait to see what they’re actually adding gameplay wise, to one of the best mods ever…

Hell yes I love long podcasts! :D

Next podcast someone find the phone number that just says “you have been rejected” and tell them to call it for an audio question. And William, pay no attention to this comment.

I like the long podcasts, they’re something to listen to while i’m modding :p.
I agree with philip and emanuel with the breakup thing

@andyb: I don’t think people are as sophisticated as you are… they want things done for them. COUGH PHILLIP COUGH.

@nopk: I’m used to saying that because I used to do live radio. I won’t do it again.

Why breakup the podcasts into seperate downloads?Not heard of fast forward?I allways skip left for dead and TF2 section and go to HL releases.I click of the mouse.Seems like to much work to me.

I’ve never played NS1, but have heard plenty of it, I also kinda doubt that they can bring anything really new to make it worth it, but well only time will tell :P

Btw, to anyone wanting to make a mod that wants to please nopk, make a mod where your object is to vandalise or blow up trains and trams :P I bet he’d love that lol.

If William ever starts a podcast with “Keep it Locked” again, I promise to the listeners to punch him in the face repeatedly.