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With all of these zombie mods, when are we going to see one that allows you to get in a car with or without your friends and just mow down zombies… every time I see a parked car in L4D I want to jump in and just tear through the streets and paint the town red in zombie blood… Or how about if one person gets in the driver’s seat of a van and the other 3 are in the back trying to kill a Tank who is chasing close behind? put a little Carmageddon and A-Team into the mix…

Barry Manilow… haha!

Yeah I am enjoying L4D survival, but already starting to get tired of it… I want to be able to do more with it… I know the SDK will let people take it in different directions and allow for some (hopefully) fun content, but I think that Valve should also continue interest in it like they have done with TF2, but not necessarily in the same way…

That button attached to that pole?
If it won’t work ,write ent_fire direct panicevent to console.
But map works fine on my computer.

@ASDF: I saw that radio mast button, but it wasn’t doing anything for Nick and I. Really odd; like I said though; I’m sure I woulda loved the map!

Hey guys! I’m so sorry that I couldn’t make it the live show for this podcast. I had a poetry slam on Saturday and the party afterwards extended on well into the morning. I hope you all had fun during the double-experience weekend.

And let me just say that it was a complete relief to hear that you guys enjoyed this version of the mod! We’re very happy that only a few changes made all the difference in the world. I sincerely hope that we continue to make a good impression on you guys.

Hopefully I’ll see you all at the next live show!

lol. great interview with the neotoyko guys. neotoyko is easily one of my most anticipated source mods for the year, it looks freaking sweet and I love objective based type gameplay where you have to work with the team. hopefully we all get our chance to play this when soon when the release finally happens

From everyone on the neotokyo team, I just wanted to say thanks again for having us on the podcast. Nice job on the keyboard cat ending ;)

Emanuel is easily the best host. He is funny and always says it like it is. IF YOU GET RID OF HIM WILLIAM, I’LL LITE YOU ON FIRE!!!11

I want to first say sorry for interrupting this weeks podcast.
Anyway, this was awesome, glad to hear such an awesome team like Neotokyo on the show. Nice!
After hearing about Thomas secret project, I have a secret project too…