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@axphin: I play only the normal CounterStrike:Source, I think surf is really complicated.

@Isos: I will see about that.

@CubicVirtuoso: Yeah I guess I should have made that a separate comment or put @ALL or something…

@ALL: Hey do you ever play other types of CounterStrike:Source games? ie: gungame, etc.? Anyone tried the snowboarding CSS stuff? What about deathmatch only CSS where there is no defusal or hostage rescue?

@CubicVirtuoso: How about discussing server mods that extend existing games? For example installing http://www.beetlesmod.com/comm/ for a dedicated server. Or is that already kind of lumped together with everything else and it just isn’t that interesting?

@axphin: I musta missed your questions/comments; I guess you were just asking the general audience. I will address them this week.

@Isos: Good idea; I’ll leave that for strato to decide.

As for blast from the past, you guys ever think about BrainBread? Far as I’m concerned it’s the most original (and fun) zombie mod out there.

Cat Life… wow i dunno… at least it is different…

I came up with a concept a couple of years ago that included playable dog characters. Basically it is a new game-type called Fugitive where one or more people are the Fugitive and have to escape the map before getting caught by the tommy lee jones squad (which includes cops, swat and even police dogs).

@Stratofarius: haha, ok just checking… :)

Hey I just finished listening to C:13745 and I was wondering why there is no mention or discussion of show comments from previous transmissions. Do you guys only respond to specific LISTENER QUESTIONS during the podcast?

Attention all citizens,
Thanks for your kind comments.
As for an update report, please check the normal site and the forums for everything that’s Podcast 17 related.
We hope to see you on the live recording, Rebel or Combine, everyone is allowed to come.
Strato-F.A.R.I.U.S [Minor Commander]

01:14:00 – Steven wants to know about the live stream
you spelled my name wrong XD, its stephen

being at the live was awesome
will listen to this recording later :P

Congrats to Stratofarius…

I’ll see if I can get in to Mogulus next time…

Looking forward to hearing Phillip again…

Emanual, I’m listening to the CoffeeBreak French Podcast and it isn’t bad.

Bring on the rain and snow… has to have accompanying sound effects tho…

I use a MacBook Pro with Windows too, (work computer). My day job is a Mac Tech, but I custom built my PC at home.

Just wanna correct Emanuel here:

Brazilians speak PORTUGUESE.

I’m not Brazilian, but I speak the language. ;)

Congratulations to Strato.

The curse should be fully out by the next Podcast, maybe you should bring Philip along then? :D It is a singleplayer mod after all :D

Hey guys, thanks for having me on the show! Hopefully I can make it back and be a little more well prepared than this – but it was great fun and I enjoyed meeting you! Can’t wait to see how you guys like the newest version.

well:: blast from the past -> They Hunger or Darkstar! there, singleplayer! No go and get Phillip!

@N3WMAN: We will be doing a poll soon. Try to decide on a better time. Also Phillip is a really busy guy, I try to bring him on monthly; we will see what we can do this week or maybe next. I like to bring him on when we have a singleplayer mod to talk about.

One side note: When Thomas doesn’t appears, the podcast is bigger and has a lot of good feedback.
Nothing agains Thomas, we love you :3

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I really wish you guys would do all the podcasts on Saturday. Since I’m 14 hours infront of your time( I live in Australia), i have to stay up till 12 AM midnight to listen to you, which i can’t do since i have school the next day. But if you did it on Saturday it wouldn’t mater.

Also, are you guys planning on ever getting Phillip back on the show as a guest? If I remember correctly, ages ago when he left, you said he would making guest appearances.