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Hehe. The commentary on the Guildhall is hilarious. We teach ourselves the majority of our skills. We don’t learn design out of a book. We learn it from collaborating and getting feedback from industry professionals. All the teachers have many years of experience in the game development world. And while the program is very sadistic in terms of time investment, that only means that anyone who’s wholly passionate about games has the balls to complete it ;)

Anywho, just as a slight correction, the maps that y’all commented on were mini projects we created over the course of 4 weeks in the middle of the program. These were our very first levels after learning the Hammer engine. Our final projects were 16 week things that are in the middle of getting the final levels of polish right now. Since we’ve already graduated, each student is working pushing a public version out on their own time. Be on the lookout for them coming up on our portfolios soon. Mine’s called Isotope, you take the role of the son of Adrian Shephard in the middle of Combine-held Chicago. The focus is to teach a complete newbie how to play Half-Life 2, and to explain the story of the Combine through use of voice-acted dialogue and FacePoser scenes.

On an excited note, thanks for posting our maps. Feedback is the eraser and pencil of game development, so keep the comments coming guys.

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I try to write up some constructive feedback; As for now:: please Betatest your next project and make it smaller/shorter.

Maybe you should give beginner mods kind of a chance ive been building maps for a small year now and learned a lot from building dark world, You can rip it off all you want, but I had fun working on it and it improved my skill and creativity I hope some people can see that, by playing the mod. And yes there are people who saw it and had fun playing it.

Most of those Guild Hall maps really should have been better if they had 4 weeks to do them and they go to a game design university…

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Heck yes!
That was one of the (if not THE) best podcasts ever. 5 out of 5.
Making an audio commenmt, new one (yay!) and…
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Wow, after that huge rant on Dark World, it only makes me want to play it more. I think I’m one of the few people that loves playing through very amateurish maps and mods – maybe I have like a complex issue where I like watching people trying to do something they can’t, making me feel superior? Okay, enough psychology.