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nice ‘Podcat’ (LOL), you guys are usually right on the mark bout most everything you review. Got me laughin hard durin the TF2 hat crap lol (A. D&D lmao, too true).

But on a more serious note. While I have not played very many of the mods you reviewed this time around, there was one in particular that you trampled over (Combine Insurrection) that has gotten positive comments on other forums and on their Mod DB page. I am just wondering if you based your review on the content at hand in the alpha demo (those maps were from late 2006 to early 2007), or with everything that is on the moddb page as well.

Personally I think this mod has some potential. The maps are getting a bit more refined with every screen shot update, the latest ones look half way decent for early WIP maps, and some of the older maps have been updated (revenge of the box 1 isnt so boxy as far as I can tell in the updated screens, though its still rather boxy there is more definition to it now. but then again most real world buildings are box shaped :p).

What I enjoyed about it was what the mod group designed it to do, which was just show off some ideas for players to run with and comment on, more so then showing off the levels themselves. Give em a ground base on what direction they should take it in. Sure most people say a mod should just be made the way the group wants it to be made, but I like this approach, I feel a little more involved int he process by having my suggestions seriously taken into consideration.

but yeah, I think you focused a little too much on the crappy alpha level design then what the demo was intended to do.

Same with Philip.

But yeah, hope that if/when they release the mod or another demo you guys give it another go and see if you find any improvement, as an avid watcher of it I am really hoping to see it succeed, I like the story they made for it, as well as the back story.

Full Teleportation for the combine and all that :O

Great rant there Emanuel
just to spite you im going to make a video comment, why have the video on Sunday????
a lot of religions out there are busy on Sunday mornings, your losing a lot of views

and to William i live a half hour out side of Windsor, we should have a podcast 17 get together XD
Note: im 17, just fyi

Hello Penis, good to see you are a P17 fan as well :D

Oh no! More “The Maw” DLC for $1.25
God that game is shit- even though I have no idea what it is.

I made an audio comment much earlier, I guess it either didn’t recognize it or isn’t showing it to the public.

Just to make sure the audio comments aren’t borked:
“Yargh, what usually makes a mod/map good or bad for you?”
(probably not my exact wording)


I need this to make my video… By the way, nice podcast!

Making an audio comment.

Amen to the DLC rant!

I usually download the mp3 and listen while working at the computer but I have the same problem as 904 with the web-player. Whenever I mess with the marker it just seems to start another track overlaying the previous one each time…

Thanks for a great show!

Good podcast guys!
I think DLC is like inkcardridges are for printer-making companies, it’s not the printer anymore that earns them money, it’s the ink. DLC will go in the same direction.

A thing about the web-player: I was using it a while back and at some point I got interrupted by a phonecall. I did not pause the player, but decided to just drag the marker a couple of minutes back. You should try that a couple of times and it’s like you’re in a bar full of Williams, Emanuels and Thomas’s… That definitely does not work, but it sounds funnny though..

@axphin The map needs to have leaks, over-complex brushwork and absolutely no optimization. So not even func_details. And use carve at least once for a cylindrical area, carve is always good for terrible mapping.

Also, don’t forget to make it the size of several maps, to let the lack of optimization truly shine.

@axphin: That would be enough to handle by itself. I think we should hold a mapping contest and call it the worst map contest ever. hmm… this is a good idea me thinks.

Arrrrr matey… So I think I need to make the perfect map with big boxy rooms connected with slow-ass tram rides and the most overused basic textures and models and soundfx with really bad and pointless VO and a crapload of grenades… would everyone love that or what? call it Nightmare Levels but only actually have one level, because you know it would never actually get finished. What else am I missing?

I usually play the podcast on the player from the web page.
And yes, Emanuel, I enjoyed last week’s podcast.

Thanks for mentioning Versus!

Btw I don’t think “cantor” means what you think it means. I believe the word you’re looking for is “canon” as in “canonical” or “officially recognized”.