23 Responses to “Episode #27”


I lolled at “why you move from England to a 3rd world country” XD

Also you guys have destroyed the illusion of Portal :O I have this nagging feeling now it’s actually boring.

Kill William- this podcast was leet. Not that we don’t love you William, we just love Emanuel enough to kill you…

@Kibbles: Thats my cat actually and nobody was joking.

Good to see the cat was a hit, we should have him on as a guest, he has a lot to say and is very intelligent.

Yeah it was a fun podcast, nopk’s a funny guy!
Btw I think nopk just has grenadeophobia! ADMIT IT!

TBH I loved this Podcast. I thought Thomas and Emanuel did an excellent job carrying themselves. We might be moving to a sort of different format in the episodes to come.

Yeah, Project 25 isn’t optimised at all. In many places the engine renders just about the whole map. On Interlopers the creator was pointed to a couple of optimisation guides, but I don’t know if we’ll be seeing a smoother version.

This is an.. interesting podcast. :)

tbd:: to be decided :p

AND we will release ahl2 :p, because we rock! (but we had issues last weekend with our server)

Hahahaha, you actually used the picture of the cat.

Also, i played through Project 25, but the whole way through my fps kept dropping heaps, which really ruined it for me. Did this happen to any one else?