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Sweet! You read my email in your podcast! Woohoo!

*insert cheezy Saturday Night Fever victory dance*

I did not think that CS is what was responsible for pulling players into the HL universe. At the time it came out, I was on dialup and played TFC.

I have several funny TFC stories that I’ll share with you something (mainly when I’m not at work)

@da fat cat

it seems you got the version for germany (there soldiers are replaced with thy robots, on purpose)

Good show guys.Too bad cubic can never remember who turns the maps Phillip gets into mods. And yes grinder74.com is polish if your still thinking about it.

Nopk is made of win.

Good episode! Had me laughing all the way through. The comments on the audio question at the end where insightful too, so thanks for that!

I liked the discussion about making sure you have a good, simple, exciting idea before you jump into making a mod. That makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve got lots of ideas that I keep in a small sketch book and sometimes I re-read through it to get inspiration or to go back and see what crazy ideas I had late at night. I’d love to take some of those ideas and make something out of them. However a lot of the ideas are much more ambitious than my mapping skills can handle. :)

I think it helps to work a lot of the ideas out on paper and then come back to them later to see if they still excite you. If they do and you keep wanting to add to those ideas then maybe you’ve got a good recipe for starting a mod and the motivation to get it done.

Emanuel – about ahl:s ur wrong ;D

we’re just ironing out teamplay mode.. then we release! :D which its just a matter of days now!

we seriously hope everyone enjoys this initial release : you are RIGHT about the fact it isnt gonna be s polished release + eyecandy awesome, but it will be AHL + Source engine! :D


That would be much, much better than what they have now! Great ideas. It kind of reminds me of Weekday Warrior or whatever that comic book mod was called. I’ve never played it but I think it’s sort of like what you were saying Nic.

My funniest HL memory: A scientist ran away from a zombie, into a wall :P and exploded (tripmine).

My HL is glitchy- my USMC guys are green robot things not human soldiers. WHEREZ MAH MODELS DAMMIT!?!

I’d rather it be like those old cartoons where the pages of a book would come to life; so you do battle with the demons, overcome the insurmountable cracks in the floor (aka. jump puzzles) which open up during an earthquake or whatever matches the story. But that would be down to the mapper, rather than the mod.

Could even make it coop between parent and child; with a really old looking 20 foot tall book propped against a wall in a large area matching the setting of the story. Then various side annexes which interconnect with the main room and match what is being read. Parent, or narrator: “Hero walks forward, cautiously”, Child: *walks forward, triggers trap, misses him/her by a little*

I can’t think why the people who make bible/religious theme games didn’t think of this…

:O Oh my, that sure is fancy- and expensive.

In Epic Talez, players walk around and there are giant book pages with text and pictures that they read. There are also zombies and puzzles that distract you from reading. So it is very odd… And seemingly pointless…

Ooooh William pimpin’ out his sound quality! Yeah biatch! I can’t wait for my ears to bask in your new mic’s magnificent glory. :P

Just an FYI I got my sweet new microphone AFTER we recorded this episode – so be prepared for awesome next week.