14 Responses to “Episode #25”


live was fun, but maybe “abuse” your steamgroup for the chat? The site based chat seemed to hate me;
And I guess I have to apologise for FUBAR-ing the shotgun server.

High Five meee! :)

Hopefully the live stream will be better. And great show as always, really like the interview part of the podcast.

On a side note, the theme music – anyway to download it? Thanks in advance.

Hey don’t make fun of us Americans Discrate! Just because my Delorean is in for repairs doesn’t mean you have to jump on my inability to time travel!

oh and Matt and Aaron. leave Australians alone. Just because we can travel to the future and you guys are stuck on sunday :P

@Ducksauce: Yea the difficulties are already fixed (as you may of noticed) – the beginning audio where I do “This week on Podcast 17″ is in perfect quality.

Was hard to hear how you felt about it lol, hope you fix the “technical difficulties” soon :)
The story they made up could be true though lol, I mean who’d except the military to mount guns on innocent lookin bikes, uber surprise warfare there haha

@Ducksauce: I just thought it might be a cool feature, sorta like a cheat; I knew it was a joke, but I mean you already have the models done… why not.

Considering that in the newspost of FireArms they said they weren’t gonna use those vehicles because they didn’t “work” for gameplay and only were gonna use a bicycle and tricycle + the fact it was posted on 1th of April I’d say it was a joke, William seemed to take it seriously, rather amusing :P

though it’d be cool if they actually done that, unique vehicles ftw.