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Must say one of the best episodes and a fantastic interview. Just sad how few European mods there is. I think one of the reason this was really good, was because Emanuel was in a good mood :) First time he sounded positive about something he tried out… Almost weird :)
Also the decadence team, was really funny and great at answering the questions (But of cause they are Scandinavians :).

Looking forward to the live episode tomorrow/sunday.

- Kega

Sorry for the bad english.

Nice podcast. A bit hard to follow during some parts, but overall awesome work from podcast17 and the decadence team. Played the modification at work, together with one of the authors (Pomperi/Pontus), and had lots of fun. I really like how focused and polished the game feels.

I would like to have 3on3 too, but that might head in an unwanted direction.

A really interesting podcast, thank you guys!

Oh this was the best podcast, haha love it.
I actually bothered for one of the first times to download a mod. You guys got me psyched about Decadence while I was listening, so here I am, just got back from a long session of playing and it’s awesome. The attention to detail and polished-ness of this mod is fantastic. Great work to the team.

And damn, I didn’t even notice Thomas wasn’t there, now I feel bad. Sorry dude, I guess it’s the Canadians blending into one voice or something.

Keep up the good show guys. And damn Emmanuel has no tact, makes for a very good interview though.

It was great to attend the very podcast i listen to every week.
I love listen to podcasts while working, and you learn a lot and get the job done!