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Holy crud man, Windsor ont.?????? i live in Cottam that’s so insane,the dairy freeze rules, man this is awesome I’m going insane right now.

Why is it that the podcast in which I leave half way through gets a full five stars?

I’m quitting this goddamned thing. Goodbye everyone.

I apologize for having to leave the episode like that listeners. It won’t happen again.

That’s a lie.

@Daz: Combine Combat (I think that’s what you meant) has a new and improved lighting formula (mainly their muzzle flash dynamics); I almost played the whole mod without a flashlight and just shot my weapon to see in front of me… that was fun.

@Brian: This comment board has an “Add Audio-only Comment” link right above where you type your text comments. You can record your audio comment there and we will add it to the show. Thanks!

Thanks for answering my questions! Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to the Podcast, and I always listen to them a lot. I just wanted some suggestions quickly so I could get playing. =P

If I wanted to leave a voicemail for the show, how would I do that? I can’t find any number for the life of me. I’ve got some more questions to ask.

Great show guys, really enjoyed this one =)

Now, I downloaded and played Combine Destiny from start to finish after hearing everyones point of view on it… and it rocked! Seriously the citadel section wasn’t really that long at all, and after that its just great. Notable highlights included the night time drive through the coast complete with rain and lightning (! Never seen lightning in a HL2 map before, and it looked great) and the subtle but excellently done S.T.A.L.K.E.R references.

Nopk, you FAIL! =)

I’m on the fence with Decadence. It all sounds nice on paper but the gameplay in the video’s hasn’t really wow’ed me much. It seems to me that the co-op involves nothing more than “using” your team mate when he is killed, and watching his back while he captures a point. I might be missing something however so please enlighten me =)

It doe’s look stunning however, it kinds reminds me of Gears of War actually, especially some of the houses in the backgrounds of some of the maps.

I must sing praises for GE:Source! I could not help but smile and laugh hearing all the hostalgic stories you had to offer about the n64 version, as it mirrored my younger years fairly accurately! I’ve been enjoying the new version immensely, and everything feels very solid and “finished” which is impressive considering its still beta. Didn’t like the crosshair aiming at first, as you couldn’t move the crosshair to the sides of the screen for that off-centre shooting effect the n64 did so well, but im used to it now. So well done to the GE:Source team!

Jeez this got long, I’ll stfu now…

@Brian: SHIT I FORGOT AGAIN! Doing it now… god I need someone who can take care of that for me… I always forget.

Thanks for the mention, guys!
It was fun making my entry, but I really didn’t like it and was unmotivated to try something else at the time (hence, the title).
Great episode, as always!

@ANON: No problemo dude, thanks for the entry
@azelito: Send your information to feedback[aatt]podcast17[ddoott]com

Woops i read that wrong, it’s only $1.99. But still, a few models/textures from a million dollar studio like bethesda is bs.

“Trust me… well before they release the primary game they have the paid DLC organized and planned.”

What proof of this do you have? That’s a pretty big assumption. You can completly finish MAW without the DLC, who ever said you HAD to buy the DLC to finish the game? It’s just extra content.

“What happened to the good old days of expansion packs instead of these shitty extra 10 level addons. I didn’t consider BlueShift/Opposing Force a form of DLC it was an expansion pack – it seems developers are starting to loose touch with that term.”

A DLC and expansion pack are very different things. Blueshift was a full fledged “mini” game for the HL universe. DLCs are just meant to add small increments of additonal content.

@Cubic: you may talk about it :) but just keep in mind, it’s still closed beta so some things will be changed, if you could lay it out in a shape that would help me determine what would be better and what should be removed that’d great, fresh mans eye’s perspective on something often work great, I always though of beeping after explosions annoying but would have never considered removing the deafening as well, but when you mentioned it I started to find it really annoying :P

@Ducksauce: Sure I wasn’t sure how much I could talk about my experience. But I will next podcast.

@opx: Don’t kid yourself, MAW is charging DLC because every other little indy study charges DLC on the XBLA. Trust me… well before they release the primary game they have the paid DLC organized and planned. If they want to charge extra money for levels they should put the charge on the original game. I don’t want to buy a game only to find out I have to pay for the extra 10 levels that I would expect from retail. This paid DLC is just a way to exploit the gaming community and ride on the pay per month plans that various MMO’s started. On that note I never thought steam would charge DLC – I just feel sort of cheated. Also you forgot to mention that Valve respects the “good old days” when the very thought of paid DLC was blasphemy. You speak of selling standpoints and weaseling people into buying a cheaper game and then throwing an extra charge at the end… this is called swindling; phone companies do this and we all know how much we hate phone companies. What happened to the good old days of expansion packs instead of these shitty extra 10 level addons. I didn’t consider BlueShift/Opposing Force a form of DLC it was an expansion pack – it seems developers are starting to loose touch with that term.

DLCs, for the most part, are usually charged for (microsoft charges for all DLCs (excluding the recent tf2 DLC), Sony charges for DLCs, and most studios charge aswell: Treyarch is charging for the cod: world at war DLC, UBIsoft, EA, etc all charge for their DLCs). Valve is actually one of the few companies that do not charge for DLCs. And this is for two reason, 1. I think they are a great company and value their customers, and 2. they can afford to do it.

From a selling standpoint, it’s MUCH easier to get someone to commit to a $9.99 game than it is a $20 one. Also, this is actually better for consumers because if they don’t like the game, they can just not continue getting new additional content. If they do, then this creates a new stream of revenue for a company trying to survive in this crazy economic situation.

MAW is a very niche game and would be VERY tough to sell for anything over $10 bucks. Also considering MAW is an SP game, it’s very difficult to extend the shelf life of an SP game without DLCs. And considering studios make the bulk of their money through title releases, this makes it hard to stay afloat. And for $2 bucks for more content, i think that’s a pretty fair deal considering giants like UBIsoft charge nearly $10. This is a great way actually for them to push their game title from that 9.99 mark closer to the 19.99 mark without the heavier commitment for consumers. This is actually good because people who actually like this game can get more content for cheap, and players who didn’t like it didn’t have to take a hit at $20 for something they didn’t really like.

@opx: I respectfully disagree with your statement. Being and indi studio is NOT an excuse for going against the mainstream idea of free DLC. If funds are a concern, they should charge more for the inital product and plan ahead. People I believe would rather pay $10 or $20 for an indi game and get free DLC than pay $5 for the product and $1.99 for every additional update. The idea of constantly spending money scares people since they don’t want to get the finances in “run-a-away” mode.

Anyway, while this should be viewed as an indi game, they need to play with the big boys, especially if they are on Steam, a market full of FREE DLC.

My two cents.

@william I think it’s really unfair to ding an indie studio for charging $2 for a DLC. Now many people say “omg valve is the best, they give free DLCs!” but you have to keep a sense of perspective. Valve is a multimillion dollar coporation, they can afford to produce free DLCs, whereas the studio behind MAW isn’t. Even if MAW wanted to, if they produced free DLC they would quickly go bankrupt, as no indie (or company for that matter) can survive without turning a profit. So for a small company trying to stay alive and keep their employees employed, charging a measly 2 bucks I think is pretty reasonable. Now if this was UBIsoft or EA, than I could see the justification for an outcry. And i thought that was the entire point of STEAM (in regards to digital distribution), was to create new avenues of profit for smaller companies to cut out a publisher and finally make a profit, but as soon as an indie tries to exploit that, everybody wants to lynch them.

Interesting audio question by Radu Iceman, I’d like to say how I go around modding, rather then say how I try to free time(since I don’t really try that :P)

Here’s how I went and go about it:
While still at school I had plenty of time, yay and I modded at least a little everyday and had plenty of time to spare playing games or to mod some more.

Now I’ve got a internship going meaning I only have time in the evenings really and sometimes here at work(at the place I do my internship) but if I can’t I at least go around reading stuff on the Steam forums of problems of people or posting my own questions so I can do work faster when at home.

When at home I either:
A. play games nonstop(gawd lame, but I do it often enough)
B. spend all free time modding/doing modding related things
C. mixture
D. playtest, get depressed when i realize it came so far and yet MORE stuff came on my todo list and then play games the rest of my free time

that’s generally how it goes for me lol, I just spend time modding when I want to, assuming it’s not something complicated I usually can get alot done.

Anyway nice podcast, btw William, can I expect you to talk abit about your experiences with FragOut, or at least just mail me what you thought of the playtest you been in :P

@esoj: We are aware that DLC is available, we have no problem with DLC it’s “PAID” DLC we have a problem with.

did you guys read the news update announcing the dlc? valve themselves have built the dlc capability into steam and it is a feature of steamworks now. on the podcast it seemed like some of you hadn’t read it completely as there were comments about valve blocking it. I think it’s fairly obvious why valve put the ability for dlc to be on steam, it’s what developers and publishers asked for. anyway the link to the steam news about the dlc which some of you seem to have not read. note the bit about steamworks in the last paragraph.