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Regarding the Midnight Sun component of HLSS – it’s currently on hiatus. What Heppa said was correct – I’ve had enough of the Source engine, both because of it’s wonderful little quirks and the Zombie Master debacle. So I’m finishing up my current TF2 map and then taking a nice long break from anything Source-related. Apologies to those that were looking forward to Midnight Sun.

Just to clarify. I took the comments on the show in the manner in which they were meant: fun.

I like and respect everybody on the show, so there’s no harm done. I just thought it might be fun to “stir” things a little bit.

I’ll be on the show as soon as my schedule allows, assuming there are some good SP mods for me to discuss!

We were just poking fun. If anything, we’re trying to invoke him to come back on the show.

I seriously disliked the phillip bashing, he deserves better as a valuable member of the halflife community

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I should get a consolation prize for being Azelito’s only competition. :P Like a slice of bacon.

The best thing was after we finished recording. William asked me for my email address and he saw my email to him from a couple of weeks ago. Suddenly he realised, “OMG. YOU’RE THE TF2 MAPPER FROM LAST WEEK?”, “Err…yeah”. :P

wow the masturbating comment was really immature, I don’t mind a joke but I understand why philip would be angry.

When it comes to video editing, why would he need it? he’s not making the Black Mesa Source trailer, he’s just TALKING with some images and video’s I wouldn’t expect nor want anything fancy trying to attract attention.
Also I would suggest a black background instead of blue on the text bits, since when viewing it the background of the site was black, so if you had the same colour black it would be almost like you weren’t watching it on a video player, which would be cool.

@CubicVirtuoso: Thanks! Yeah I forgot about the links. They are good though if you have time.

@RaduIceMan: That is a good question. I have a wife and a 4 month old son. It is very hard right now to find time to play games OR mod them. My best time is during my lunch break actually. I have a MacBook Pro for work that I use with Bootcamp and it has WinXP and Steam installed. That also makes it easy to boot into Steam and map in Hammer or just play games if I am oot and aboot. Especially useful when at the mother in law’s house.

I shall fight to the death to keep this podcast alive!

Then I’ll rise from the dead and fight once more!

This is all very immature and I expected better from all involved, Phillip included. I advised the section in question be cut for slander. Suffice to say it wasn’t and now everyone is acting like children.

Phillip, your anger is justified but the venom of your response is not. You are attempting to fight slander with slander, in the comment form of a blog. I am sorely disappointed with your attitude in this matter and expected you to deal with pressure more robustly, as is expected of a British subject.

I have dispatched a personal courier to the residency of Her Britannic Majesty The Queen to ensure swift delivery of a correspondence advising that your citizenship of The British Empire be suspended forthwith; allowing discussions regarding your possible exile to commence.

– Nicholas Ficklesworth the Third

I posted a comment prior to the giant PP load and it is still awaiting moderation by an admin. Can you fix please and thanks?

@Discrate: I don’t think you understand the severity of this conflict. Homes will be destroyed – grab your pitch-fork and axe and join us in combat.

And here’s a question for all the modders…
How do you manage to spare time for modding when you have school, homework, outdoor activities and other “real life” things to do? I mean, some modders are so busy that sometimes they arhive the mod because they can’t continue. Some manage somehow to spare time, but it takes ages to finish the mod. So, I’m asking …. what is the best way to spare time? how do you manage to save some time so you can “really” work on the mod ?

P.S: I tried to post the audio comment but it didn’t post.

@PlanetPhillip: Allow me to interject… WHERE DO YOU GET OFF?! Once you left the podcast the rules of the game changed to NO HOLDS BAR COMBAT! It’s on PlanetPhillip… It’s on Phillip Marlowe… It’s on all you PP followers; the gloves are off, I will defend my co-hosts if it takes my life! Onwards with the Spanish-English hybrid jokes. Onward minions of Podcast 17 – to a battle of epic proportions… a battle that will live on beyond your own lives… a battle that will be told by your grandchildren to THEIR grandchildren. Today… is a good day…. to die!!!!


Ever since leaving the show I have feared that my replacement would fail to understand the fact that this podcast was based on quality journalism not childish comments. Today my fears have been confirmed.

Thomas’ rampant attack on my light-hearted video review was nothing short of incredible. He proceeds to mention masturbation and sheep, neither of which were in the review. Perhaps this says more about what was going through his mind at the time than my video. He continues to attack me with suggestions that I live in the closet with my mother. How is this connected to my video?

No doubt you will say that this is in reference to the “blue” filler screens. In fact the screens have the customary dark blue to lighter blue used in the PlanetPhillip logo and the text itself also contains effects. Perhaps living in Canada has dulled his colour perception, maybe he is snow-blind?

Did you happen to notice or remember any points he made about the ACTUAL content of the video? I don’t. Many hours of editing and recording were ignored in favour of sheep and masturbation. Did my “quip” about Canada deserve such vitriol? I think not.

Moving onto Emanuel’s contribution for a moment. Being but a renegade colonist, his thinking process and speech are clearly clouded, yet he also compared me to a child in a mall. Is this the kind of content you want your listeners to hear? It is clear he hadn’t even watched the video and I am sorry to say, neither had you. In future I suggest you don’t cover topics until you have seen or played them.

Let’s now discuss your “contribution” to this shameful incidence. Ignoring the fact that you hadn’t watched the video you proceeded to defend the UK? THE UNITED KINKDOM! No attempt was made to defend MY honor or the VIDEOs content, no, you felt that nearly 60 million people required your less-than-vigorous defence against one sole colour-impaired Canadian. You then had the gall to suggest that being Canadian somehow made “us” partners. You even tried to recruit a guest to assist in this verbal retreat.

As the owner and operator of Podcast 17, I, the co-founder no less, expected counterpoints and fairness. What did I receive? “Please don’t hate us”.

I have no problem with my work or website being criticised but I draw the line at personal attacks. I DEMAND an immediate apology by Thomas and yourself, along the Thomas’ resignation or his dismissal as co-host.

If these demands are not met with 48 hours I will have no choice but to contact my lawyers, “Freeman, Kleiner and Newell”, forthwith and start legal proceedings against you, Thomas, Canada, your host, the creator of the MP3 format, your girlfriend, Thomas’ girlfriend/boyfriend, and last but not least every Podcast 17 listener.

Half-Life players deserve better and I demand satisfaction in this matter.

I look forward to your humble reply.

Phillip Marlowe

Oh great! Now I’ll HAVE to ask a question every week! Ha! Which also means (according to Emanuel’s logic) that since it will turn into a “have to” situation that quality will suffer and the questions will turn to crap… Unless they are already at that level in which case they might devolve into something more liquidy. Eww

Yes I agree that looking at other maps is a great way to see how the “end of the world” is solved. I was sort of aiming to ask questions for the show in a way that creates a discussion (if possible). I also thought it was a topic that people don’t usually think about.. unless they are constantly running into invisible walls.. I hate that too. (bump.. doh!)

I was actually going to mention the Crysis editor. I have never tried it, but before Crysis came out I was entranced in the tech demos. Just watching the tool that allows you to tunnel into the side of a mountain… Wow! Like the guy says, it is very shmooz (smooth).

Watch it here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTj_I-iCzqY (Part 1)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9JV7Bszonk (Part 2)