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Directed at podcast speakers:
Just wanted to comment on the Left 4 Head part… I pretty much had the same reaction as you guys.. I thought the movie was actually rather hilarious; the acting is so crappy but I had to watch it to see what the hoopla was.

I also wanted to comment on the number scheme you mentioned William: I don’t mean to be rude or anything, but it seems to me that the method just makes it confusing because I don’t know which podcast is the latest. Granted, you can look at the date of post, but when you watch a show of some sort, a viewer almost expects that it would be in a simple sequential number format like “1,2,3,4….” However, I can say props on coming up with a rather unique numbering scheme (I guess toward the guy named Phillip that you (William that is) mentioned.

I remember listening to the first P17 whilst working on the first version of Arena Lighthouse. Kinda awesome that you choose it for this episode’s background. :P

@axphin: Yea… by all means play with bots over randoms in L4D. Randoms are NOT the way to go in that game. Thanks again for the question! It was great as usual.

@Da Fat Cat: This is a remix to the HL1 soundtrack done by Brandon Blume: http://brandonblume.commerceculture.co.uk/ The file is no longer on his site though – kinda hard to find.

Thanks again William.
I agree that humans are much better play testers than bots, and that is why I need to get onto interlopers. I also agree that getting used to playing with bots could hurt your abilities when playing against humans online. Totally different strategies. But at least you can figure out how to get the basics of gameplay down before jumping into an online match. I do like the fact that L4D has bots even though they can be very stupid. The best experience is with friends for sure. However, sometimes I’d rather have a bot version of a survivor instead of some random person who wanders off on their own only to get pounced on by a hunter.

“Da Fat Cat Says:
March 11th, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Wow, please don’t fill up a short episode describing pornos. ”

Ahh don’t worry, it only got 1/6 of the total airtime, besides it isn’t every day that something like that happens!

@Discrate: I was thinking of that. That would be sweet
@nopk: I actually liked this weeks episode.