3 Responses to “Episode #200”


Adobe creative cloud is $50/month – its not free, but its practically free for creative professionals who make more then the cost of the program using it in one day making games, films, etc. Its a professional program.

I fully agree – freemium model is the way to go, its what we do here at the studio I work at, but comparing team fortress 2 to photoshop is kind of dumb – you don’t use a game to make a living (in the vast majority of cases, professional gamers aside I suppose.) – if you want free tools, use sucky free tools like gimp and blender, if you want good tools, throw down the cash for maya, max, and photoshop, and claim them on your taxes.

Regarding the comment (58:34mins) that Black Mesa project team are generally bad at P.R:

It seems a lot of odd parallels are being drawn nowadays, between the casual modding scene and large scale mainsteam game development -

Perhaps the boundaries between the two are indeed quite blurry, and that modern gamers expect *everyone* involved in developement to be as ‘professional’ (whatever that means) with their P.R as ‘triple-a’ companies.

Personally I dislike this pressure, and wonder at what point modders stopped simply having to create cool games, and transform into tie-wearing spokes-people for ‘products’ instead of simply being artists.

Thing is, “When it’s done” is OK for Valve, so it should be OK for everyone else, right? ;-)

Photoshop CS6 is already subscription based… absolutely no incentive for Adobe to allow Valve take a cut of their sales.