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I should make a train mod that prints “SUCK IT EMANUEL!” whenever you get on a train :P

Emanuel is, although radical, very entertaining to listen to. I hope you guys have him on more!

@Brian: Added it to iTunes this morning… sorry for the lateness; sometimes I forget :P

Great podcast guys. Probably my favourite so far.
I love it when there’s a couple of discussions going, and subjects concerning the community in general are really interesting.
Emanuel is a great edition to the cast. Even though some of his views may be radical or blatant at times, he stirs the pot and makes people defend their opinion, which is always a good thing.
He’s like Phillip with inverse opinions.

Good interview on the end aswell. Different approaches to modding is a great theme.

@Da Fat Cat: Yea we know that the scrubbing on the stream doesn’t work. Sorry about that.

Ok, glad I’m not a immature prick lol

btw more FragOut news, PhanRack made a sexah crosshair, it’s ingame and looking awesome. It’s a bit more obtrusive the ordinary crosshair but suits the game alot more

Whenever I move the thingy to go back or skip something in the stream, it plays from the same place at the same time as it plays from the selected place.

Ducksauce isn’t one of those immature people at all. Just his concern over the issue proves it. OMGROFLBBQ FRAG OUT :D I’m actually anticipating this as much as Black Mesa Source. I guess I like fun :P

@Ducksauce: I don’t think dave was addressing you directly. I saw that you did make a comment, but you quickly corrected yourself which is the mature thing to do. There are still others out there on ModDB who do not respect the community and that is what Dave was complaining about… people should realize that ModDB is a different environment than the rest of the Internet, but alas that is A LOT to ask of an anonymous system.

Anyway, awesome update on Fragout! Can’t wait to see it in action.

Speaking of developers being immature over the player’s choice, do you think I was immature?
I apologized, a while before stopping “discussing” on Dead before Dawn, after discussed some more things, then at the modcast I did a bigger apology. Yet received no reaction.
So, now hearing speaking of immature people, I’m wondering if you would count me as that.

I’m trying not to be and apologized already for the stupid things said by me, towards either DBD or ModDB. Since that imo is the mature thing to do. I could try to cover up my mistakes, but I really had to accept that DBD could be considered a upcoming mod, and it was the player’s choice(and not mod player’s choice) so it won fair and square.

Anyway that was the only bump on the ride of the moty awards for me, though I feel very bad about it.

Sooo yeah sorry.

Also, here’s a little “leak” of information from FragOut development, all the pickups are pretty much added except a X2 and X3 versions of the skull pickup, the pig health pickup, the cow health pickup and an update to the duck pickup are still a short way off, but all the ammo pickups are in and they’re sexy :)

Additionally I finnally got to some effect tweaking that I feared to do, but found out it was REALLY simple(<3 source) which results in a variety of trail effects for all the grenades except the sailboat. It’s really amazing how some simple tweaks allow you to change a complicated effect such as a trail of the grenade, into a variety of awesome looking custom trails.

Soo, when it comes to some fancy effects like trails, you can expect to see some different coloured one’s with various lengths and sizes in FragOut.

We also have different explosions, but either I fail at looking at explosions or it’s immensely hard to see the difference(or I just buggered something up! bad sauce… BAD!)

Anyway just saying this, since there have been people saying: “the explosions all look the same, it’s lame! you should get some new explosions”

So now you know we have worked on the effects and not just explosions, but trail effects as well.(although the trail on the melon atm looks wacked, probably cause of a bad attachement and it often makes several flips while airborne(my fault))

Done spamming p17 comments now, srry :P