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In early stages of development of Half-Life 1, Gordon Freeman was intended to be called Dyson Poincaré, a mix between Freeman Dyson and Jules Henri Poincaré. :)

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, i just would like to make one technical comment. It seems that not everyone’s mic is created equally. Don’t know how easy of a fix this is, but Phillip and Spy we really hard for me to hear. I’d turn the volume up and then get blasted away by the next person speaking.

Keep up the great work!

Really enjoyed the podcast, was a bit rough around the edges in terms of editing but was really great other wise!!!

mel, I strongly disagree, I think games and such is defiantly an art, everything from the environments, models and textures, to the story and the gameplay is an art. Just because games are fun has nothing to do if they are an art or not, some people may have “fun” while at an art gallery.

I have felt for a long time that the mod-community has always taken it self too serious and needed to lighten up by keeping in mind that at the end of the day we are all part of a big game. There is not enough humor around with too many very serious minded people creating mods that keep to a very stereo type format. Worst still are the reviewers that confound the situation by writing stuff that in most cases portrays the mod has either some serious piece of literature or a review similar to that for the launch of a new car.

Which brings me to the point of all this; last weeks Podcast17. First let me say I very much enjoyed the show, and here I use the word show deliberately, please mister producer keep it a show. Now to the point; GAMING AN ART, come off it guys this is taking whole thing way beyond the realms of reason, GAMING IS FOR FUN and don’t say the obvious that art can also by fun, just give me more fun that’s why I play mods, if I want art I will go to the Art gallery.

Of course producing good mods may include an artistic approach to design, modeling and textures but does the author consider he is producing a work of art? I doubt it; equally does the gamer think to him self while in the middle of some mod; this is very artistic, I think not. I enjoy playing mods, if I’m not enjoying a mod I stop playing it and no amount of anyone trying to tell me it’s artistic will make any difference to the fact that I play for fun. Fun can mean different things to different gamers and maybe there are those that get fun by considering that either playing or creating a mod is a form of art, yes sure its creative, it’s design and artistic in ways but it’s a game. Maybe one reason that the community is losing some of its base is that it’s not catering for its members wants.

Anyway, great broadcast guys and the fact that I have penned the above is proof that Podcast17 is alive and kicking.

Great episode. I am so exited that there is finally a half life / valve dedicated podcast. I listen to you guys on my psp with rss feeds every week. Keep up the great work.


Thanks CV, I’ll keep that in mind!

Can we make requests for Podcast 17 guests/interviews? I know it may be extremely difficult to catch this guy, but I’d love to hear from Neil Manke.

and it’s no problem, I can understand, seen how many people replying and stuff so I can only imagine how many are sending you guys mails so it’s logical things get lost in there :)

@DuckSauce Try sending it again, might of got lost in the fray of things. You have the right email address. Sorry we didn’t get to you in a timely matter.

Great podcasts
one thing though:
In this podcast you say contact information is on the site but it’s not. I tried mailing the mentioned feedback mail.

I mailed to: feedback@podcast17.com

but I’m not 100% sure if I got it right since I didnt get a reply in over a day.
though considering your popularity I’m assuming there’s a ton of chicks holding you down because they stored you like a herd of elephants and are unable to read and answer all your mail.
Or maybe it just got lost in the mail or I spelled the mail wrong.

So yeah lemme know if I got the mail address right, if not I can send it again.

Anyway so yeah great podcast, while I’m still a fan of multiplayer games I think that when it comes to zombies or funny singleplayer games then co-op is awesome to.
And alot of multiplayer games do bring alot of the same but there are some real jewels out there and multiplay does extend replayabilty. rated 5/5

Hey everyone, thanks for the awesome comments and best wishes.

@Rosco If you ever need someone to play decay with add me on steam: cubicvirtuoso (or panfrie), or cubicvirtuoso@gmail.com; try either one.

@SPY-maps We will keep the entire podcast Half-Life and Valve related so don’t worry!!!

@asdf This is in the works, but that’s all I can say for now

@Corey Willis I don’t believe his voice is changed :P are you referring to Phillip or Spy from Strider Mountain? We use Windows to record the podcast, we have a seperate box that is hooked up listening in on the Ventrilo conversation which is recorded over audacity. We are not using Skype because it doesn’t allow for proper “two people talking at once”. This next episode should be a lot better in terms of audio quailty cause I have an equalizer now running on the recording PC (everyones voices should be the same level); check out http://www.weeklygameclub.com for an example.

@Toc Most of us at Podcast17 LOVE coop mods. I personally am not really a fan of MP mods either, but I will play them to give them a shot.

The podcast is BEAUTIFUL. I liked the C:8765 and C:8993. Waiting now for the next :D. And i hope that in the next podcast there will be more talking about TF2 :D ^_^

Theoretical Physicist by day Hell on Wheels by night. Little does Ivan the Space Biker know that he may be humanity’s greatest hope for survival.

I can’t see myself playing through Half-Life in one sitting. These days I normally just break games up into half hour sections and then do something else for a bit then back again for another half hour. Too much on my mind I guess. And I can not think of when I played any (non massively) multiplayer mode/game regularly since 2000-2001.

I don’t usually listen to things like this, but you guys really kept my interest. I like how different you all are, that makes for some interesting conversations. I really liked the Strider Mod interview, I hope to see more mod interviews in the future. Good work.

My take on the mod community. I think people are tired of the same MP mods coming out. I’m not much of an MP fan because of all the 15 year old that hate everything. Lately I’ve been playing more and more coop games. I would like to see more coop mods myself.

Great show guys! Besides the already commented technical issues it was great. Also about the guy with the low voice, is it natural? It almost seems altered.

I bought a PS2 and a copy of Half-Life just so I can try out Half-Life on coop! I have tried all the coop mods and none of them pull it off properly.

What software do you use to record the podcast? I would recommend picking a little MacMini because it has all the software (GarangeBand) and basic hardware for recording a podcast. This combined with Skype works quite nicely. I started a podcast a while back, but most of the crew moved away, leaving me unable to continue.

Keep up the good work!

The Decay mod is an almost EXACT recreation of the 3rd mission pack created by Gearbox (with the same name) which was only released on the PS2 (completely retarded). Technically it is “mod” for the PC… but it was designed/created by Gearbox, not Hoaxer (the main guy that did the port).

You really need to change the intro to the podcast. The last thing I need is to listen to some annoying intro that goes on for way too long.

thanks Phillips, fot having us on your show and it was fun to now have heart the whole show, (do agree with Rosco, that that one windows sound was a bit disturbing, (thought it was my pc and i tried to find what caused it, lol).
i will listen as often as i can to Podcast 17. i did listen long ago in for severel month at Modsonline.com’s podcast, they also talk about mapping/modding etc, but this was only the half of the time, the other hald went on about mobiele phones, and other pc stuff, what i didn’t like.
therefore i like it so much that this is only about modding, and games in relation to that, and even better that it has a big part about sp gaming, what i love, never play mp, just like Phillip.

so, well done, and i hope to hear from you guys for a long, long time!!


Strider Mountain sp-mod.

Thanks CV. It’s been a long long time since I’ve played the original 3, and racking my brain has come up with zero results. I’ll watch to see if anyone else has the answer. Nice to hear of someone else who plays BlueShift. I have never played Decay, specifically because I do not own a console. I tried the mod, and they are right, it would be better played with someone else, it is difficult playing that along.

@Rosco: That is correct however I believe Phillip is looking for more a specific answer. Think nostalgic.

Dyson is the person you play the role of in Half Secret!
Well, they did say for listeners to put it in the comments if they know.

Great show with a lot of info, thanks! Couple of comments though, please turn off Windows sounds while recording it, the constant Windows “boink” sound gets on the nerves after a bit.

Hey, how about digging up some info on They Hunger: Lost Souls?

Yea. I knew that decay was packaged WITH half-life, but I never had it for the PS2… Although I DID have Half-Life for the dreamcast. That was epic; I much rather play blueshift over steam; however I do have the original packaged version too. I’m starting to get all nostalgic.

yeah, the game was half life, but had the multiplayer decay component if you’re familiar with the history behind blue shift on the dreamcast

This is true, actually I’m playing through Blueshift on hard right now to continue my little TimeLine and I almost forgot to include Decay as an official Valve game. Blueshift reminded me when they referenced Dr. Rosenburg.

Thanks for all the info about Decay. This is wonderful information because Decay was never my strong point. I didn’t own Half-Life for the PS2 so I never got to play it; I always thought that the game had no switching what-so-ever and just had a multiplayer component. I really want to dig up my PS2 and play this with a friend. Thanks for all the comments, they are extremely helpful!

I wasn’t trying to trip you up and throw decay at you, it’s just when you started to list off all the games from the HL universe you failed to mention it, I figured you’d want a heads up (and if you’re going to miss a HL game, it’s easy to miss decay). also, not too much of a big deal, but I think decay has been going on for MANY years and the person doing it (one person) has made everything exactly as it was in the ps2 one. this means the single player switching was how it would have originally played (single player), and the developer is resistant to the idea of coding an ai for the other player. This also means that the lack-luster areas of decay are as they were in the ps2 one. I don’t mean to insult you guys, but I’ve been watching this mod for a bit more than a year and had a bit to nitpick, you don’t have to mention it on the show, but I wanted you to know.

Just as an FYI:

Nick and I; plus a few others on the innertubes, got a chance to play omfgzombieslol afterwards. It’s fun for a whole 20 mins, then it gets repetitive. Certainly the game needs more maps; and sadly this mod is more enjoyable when you turn sv_cheats 1 on and bind a key to impulse 101. We had some fun; it can get intense. Check it out if you have some free time.