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Hey Guys! This is maybe the first screenshot from HL3/HL2:EP3 : https://twitter.com/onlinegott/status/237627912810008576


Seen a game on the gamescom.Took a screenshot. Can not wait until
NDA (non-disclosure agreement) falls. Risky!!!Blablabla, Mr … -

The Blablabla, Mr … – is clearly a reference to Half-Life in 60 seconds

There are two reasons that this is true! The first (and most important) is “onlinegott” works for the German gaming TV show
“mtv GameONE”so he is not a random troll. The second is ,for a short time, HL3 actually appeared in the gamescom games list (http://www.joystiq.com/2012/08/14/half-life-3-pops-up-on-gamescom-product-listing/)

PS:Sorry for the bad english.

He tweeted another one: https://twitter.com/onlinegott/status/237633248828719104/photo/1

RE: A small findability issue – any chance of showing Time Stamps for where each topic starts in the podcast? – Either on the podcast flash bar (like Soundcloud does) or on the Topics Discussion list below. Thanks! -Henry Swanson