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Just one thing regarding the Black Sector Mod: You won’t play as a Combine-Soldier. That model is just used for test runs. Check the concepts on moddb or blacksector.tk for proof.

I think i was too rush there. What I was trying to say is that Phillip was thinking of taking the new moddb mirror and making it one of his, or something like that.

Umm.. PlanetPhillip updated their SM Pre-Release also, so way to go confusing people into turning their backs on PP.

@Lee: Yea we are aware of that. We addressed it in last weeks notes. We are currently working on a fix and trying to settle the issue down. Thanks for the report though.

Tracking in the new player is going crazy. It plays concurrently from every location you’ve clicked. If you click a few different places it ends up sounding like a huge crowd.

@axphin: SURE!! We love questions.

@TB Biggs: Cool! Like I said I think the only reason why I found it exhausting was because I was rushing it; and my expectations were that it wasn’t going to be that long

@Daz: Adam Foster would be a good person to have on the show. I’ll see what I can do. Hardest part is getting contact information.

Great podcast as usual :)

About Union, the mod has been released for a long time and these new videos are just a walk through of the map pack to show people what to do. It sounded like you were talking about it like it wasn’t released yet but maybe I misunderstood? Anyhow it is my 2nd favourite episode 2 map after Minerva, so I heartily recommend it!

While I’m on the subject, it would be cool if you could get some half-life 2 single player mappers on the show that are not part of a team, I think in particular of the author of Union and Adam Foster (who made Minerva, my no.1 half-life 2 single player mod!). If I remember correctly Adam Foster actually got hired by Valve from his Minerva project that could be an interesting interview! :)

Nice show guys, I was listening live for most of it.

Just to clarify the StriderMountain issue, the file you have linked to is the old one. PlanetPhillip has the updated file, exactly the same as ModDB. Here: http://www.filefront.com/r.b/filepath__/planetphillip/half-life-2/hl2-sp-strider-mountain-pre-release-updated.rar

Also, Union, was released on PlanetPhillip over a year ago and these videos are 3 months old. (http://www.planetphillip.com/posts/union-half-life-2-ep2/ and http://www.planetphillip.com/posts/union-for-half-life-2-ep-2-video-walkthrough/) Sorry to be so picky. Lastly, it’s called Union not Union Sector.

BTW, When I am finished with my monthly review you guys are welcome to sue the raw video for any videocast you might get going. We’ll chat about how to get them later.

Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the StriderMountain review. Sorry that you found it “exhausting”! Better get in shape for the other 10 maps because the mountain climb is just beginning, lol.
Just a point of clarification, the difference between the PlanetPhillip version and the ModDB version is that we had a week to fix some bugs. There isn’t additional content, just bug fixes.

Good thing I have a bad memory- this way I can make up for the short episode by listening to old ones.