4 Responses to “Episode #186”


Why can’t you guys see the EX dedicated servers? Are you just not waiting for the server browser to refresh or something?

At the very minimum you should be able to see the CozWorld servers ( and )

Regular games are scheduled every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 8PM London time.

You didnt know about Aftermath? What kind of Half-life2 fan are you William =D ?

It was the version with green combine soldier, which you can see on hl2 deathmatch loading screen…

Also when Valve after that announced renaming and redesigning of it called hl2Ep1 they said that there will be another 2 episodes and all these 3 episodes(with ep3)has work name Half-life3(so episodes 1,2,3, = Half-life3 as internal name for Valve’s personal)

So this whole Half-Life3 hystery is to me senceles and it is coming from people who dont know how things are, unless there was an official announcement of hl3… and I dont think so.

So if Valve ever relese something Half-life it will be Hl2ep3 period.

MapTap does auto-update. Just fire up MapTap and use it at your leisure. As soon as the update is downloaded, MapTap will ask for permission to run the installer.