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I’m having troubles with the podcast since a few episodes ago: basically it keeps syncing with my iPod Touch through iTunes, everytime I sync, regardless of whether or not it’s already on the iPod, and some episodes are unplayable. Did you guys change something in terms of encoding?

Episode #181′s mp3 link on the feed was broken for around day after posting, aside from that we don’t know of anything out of the ordinary.

With previous broken mp3 links there were no reports of further issues once the link was fixed, but your issue could still be related somehow. The only thing I can think of trying is to delete recent episodes (maybe #181-183) from your iPod and computer then have iTunes re-download them.

Sorry, I know this isn’t much help — hopefully somebody more experienced with iTunes can offer a better answer.

No problem, thanks, I was just wondering if something changed on your side. It hasn’t, so obviously it’s my issue.

That BMS situation is pretty … well we had this here before few times…. and yet theres still nothing…. So no wonder people are loosing faith in this mod…

Best would be if Valve took over this project and finish it….

@Vic: oh man, you should have enjoyed Easter. Instead you’re doing the podcast.

@ Black Mesa’s Soundtrack Might Just Be Very Close To Release
Mkay … so it’s no longer “BMS will release soon”, is “BMS Soundtrack will release soon …” then hoping that the mod follows two weeks later. Right. Good luck.