4 Responses to “Episode #182”


I feel guilty now cos I know William is very busy…

Perhaps it would be a good idea to have a guest take one release each and play them?

Don’t feel bad, it’s not that I’m busy.. it’s that your demo is a map you hope to include in your release. In my opinion, this is a terrible way to present a demo, especially for a single player mod. If you are going to demo a single player mod you should show off things you won’t include in the final product. I’m terribly against spoilers and demos that include final maps is the worst of all spoilers. Consider changing the way you push out demos.

Deep Down looks like a fantastic mod and I very much look forward to playing it, but I won’t try your demo.

As for Daylight, I will certainly talk about this next week… some times we say we will followup and errata mods, but never get around to it due to forgetfulness. Daylight looks like a nice little mod, I’ll check it out and talk about it in ep 183.

I like to mention releases whether I play them or not to put them in the listeners/viewers mind. Even if it’s just me saying “Deep Down released a demo, I didn’t get to play it, but check it out”. Gives mod developers the exposure they deserve.

Thanks William

As I said, I totally understand why you didn’t play the demo. The amusing truth is that I realeased it when I was very drunk.
You’re right, it’s a terrible idea, but by the time I woke up the next day, it was out there and folks were already sending me feedback etc…
LOL Ooops!

Anyway, the plugs are great and really appreciated, I just would look forward to something a bit more meaty from the discussions around all mods as it can sometimes feel like those promotion shows on TV that don’t actually review movies but just hype them.


Thanks for the mention of Deep Down!

I understand why William doesn’t want to play it at this time.

My other mod Daylight got a mention when it was released but you hadn’t played that at the time of recording.
Just a minor suggestion, might be worth waiting until you have played it, then you’d have more to talk about!


That sounds pissy, it isnt meant to be honest!