4 Responses to “Episode #181”


iTunes shows this episode but it can’t download it – is it possible this upload is corrupt? Anyone else having iTunes issues?

Thanks, Nic. Not working just yet but thanks for fixing it. In the meantime I watched the youtube version.

It was looking for this week’s episode in #179′s location, thanks for pointing it out. The feed is fixed now but I’m not sure how well iTunes handles changes to existing feed items — if I recall correctly, it should either work now or in a few hours when the feed is re-checked.

- Funny about webcams, I have a working one, but I only used it to my license project, never for it’s intended purpose …
- Hmm, huge plug from Valve for Intel processors. Could it be that they did some optimization for their games to run better on those type of processors?
- why don’t you just filter out the 1st of April news, and deliver a nice ep. 182?