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That’s just lame Phillip. I assume you haven’t played Resident Evil or Silent Hill then, or all other old great survival horror games.

Quick saves was taken out since they were being abused by people trying to get the best grades or unlockables.

You ever played F.E.A.R. 1? That’s a horror game too and without quick saves it would’ve been a damn torture.
Biohazard (RE) died a horrible-horrible death after the 4th game, Silent Hill turned into a lame joke about its former self. Alone in the Dark – don’t even get me started. Only good examples are Alan Wake and Dead Space (to a lesser extent).

… No final agenda, no comment.
Oh wait, this is a comment.

One thing to add: the video format feels great. Do add the video on the podcast 17 page though.

- Hitboxes being adjusted according to performance? No. It ruins the balance of the game.
- Phillip, online gaming can be an experience far, far, far different than SP. It was a bit of a shocker for me.
- Warp: weird. So who will do the DRM, Steam or Origin? If only an account is required could be that the game just updates via Origin, but the DRM and launch is via Steam. Oh gosh, Phillip thinks the other way around. This is clear as mud, to quote him.
- Cry of Fear: Phillip, try it. If you feel cheated, then drop it. But at least try it.
- Cube and beta testing: Glenn, excellent point. All apps should be tested by all types of people. It is so easy to end up with a much smaller community that a mod could have.
- multiple endings: Phillip, games are different than movies. In a game you have a bit of control, and some players do want that kind of control. Multiple endings are great when they reflect your actions in the game. What’s wrong is that players rewind and play for the other endings. But that’s an issue with the players, not the game. Ok, the implementations are still crude, but it seems to me that the subject of your rant is the attitude of the player.

@William I didn’t mirror the rough agenda because I felt doing so would have added more confusion than simply not having the final agenda present, especially if not everything was mentioned. The usual link to the rough agenda is in the sidebar though.

Yea the lack of final agenda is my fault.

I’m hoping we can showcase the video stuff better on the site, however, right now we are in a transition period. So for now it’ll be linked in the right with all the other important links.

Edit: Originally I didn’t do timestamps, but I thought Nick would post the agenda again (without time stamps). I’ll edit this post tomorrow with whatever knowledge I have of the website :P

GabeN just emailed me. At the end of Ep3 you get to choose whether to kill gman, control gman, or turn everyone into gmen! !!!