14 Responses to “Episode #18”


Excellent show!

It’s interesting to see on this Podcast fresh people. Also, the Dystopia’s interview and Mike were really enjoyable!

Thanks for mention our project! Anyways, I didn’t agree with some comments. I want to say we aren’t make this mod because we want to create a dev group. In fact, the source code was closed. It’s nice to talk about the good things and the bad ones. That’s cool, but we do create our own content as well. Just for the record ;)


PS: I haven’t experienced any problems with the audio.

Hey thanks William for taking the time to answer all of my questions! I know I bombarded you with a lengthy email but I really enjoyed the discussions that followed. Of course now I have even more questions! Haha!

As soon as I get something uploaded I’ll pass on the link. And hey, it’d be an honor to have my map ripped apart by Phillip. Of course I’d want to HEAR his commentary because that would be most amusing I think.

FYI, I listen to the podcasts on either my iPhone or in iTunes so no static problems there. But I have had problems before with Flash Player 10 on other websites (Using Safari and Firefox on a Mac, haven’t tried it on my PC).


Damn you for putting the idea in my head! Now I REALLY want Valve to pick up the Purchase Brothers and get them to make something with an even higher budget.

I updated to flash 10 and it instantly went incredibly poor quality. I’ll try all the others and patch in an alternate if I find one which works.

This is exactly how the old streamer sounded in Flash 9 with the higher quality audio.

EDIT: Patched flowplayer in, which is working fine for me in Flash 10. If people can confirm it works for them (preferably with your flash version mentioned) then I’ll skin it to fit and update the other posts which are using the temporary player.

EDIT2: Seeking seems to be broken (it opens another stream overlaid onto the current stream), but it’s broken in the official examples too so I think it’s a known bug. I’ll look into it more later tonight. Pausing and playing seems fine though so it should be ok for now.

I’ll update my Flash to 10 like Editor and see if I get it then, because right now its working fine with Flash 9 on XP SP3 in every browser I have (IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, Opera 9.61 and Chrome) and I know Cubic (who it’s also fine for) is on Flash 9 too.