2 Responses to “Episode #174”


@DOTA: Victor, excellent reasoning about EULAs. As for Blizzard reacting lately, that’s a strategy that also Apple uses to stifle competition. I would say business as usual.

Looking forward to the release of Cry of Fear. Hope it’s been well playtested and doesn’t have a billions crashes or showstoppers. I am kind of pre-scared for its release. Nice build up William, playing scary games just to get in the proper mood, or should I say prepare yourself? ;)

Firearms: Source looks really nice I have to say. Return to Mana looks gorgeus!

Anyway, I am really excited for the interview with Cry of Fear developers. It’s been interesting to follow the development of that mod, can’t believe its coming to an end. I am happy for them. Hope it gets a smooth release. :)