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MAC coming of age? Not as long as the costs for developing an app for it has such high costs.
Ah, Emanuel, you will never know the thrill of compiling your webcam drivers then installing them by hand …

Hi guys,

I just stumbled across this while googling for Source modding podcasts. I was pleasantly surprised to see my Warhammer 40,000 mod, Exterminatus making it into the discussion.

Slightly disappointed you didn’t talk about the mod so much as the tabletop games, the commercial RTS and the novels :/

Just to clarify for your listeners Exterminatus (EX), is a free to play Source mod. It does NOT try to reproduce the tabletop experience with the dice and the tape measures. EX is an objective based teamplay game set in the 40k universe, pitching imperial Space Marines against Tyranids. That said you really don’t need to know 40k to play EX, we a had a red team and blue team and some funky classes.

If you haven’t gotten around to playing yet, i’d like to invite you all to join in the game our steam community group ( http://steamcommunity.com/groups/exterminatusgame ) has scheduled for 20:00 UTC on Saturday the 28th, so you can experience the shouty robots for yourself.

Exterminatus Team Leader

Speakers? I m not an audiofil in a sence that I dont buy headphones or speakers for 120 000 BUT, I do recognize difference and I couldnt play something on shitty speakers I need sound to be rich and quality.

SOUND OF GAME IS 40% OF EXPERIENSE imo. SO quality sound is very important.

But than we get to other aspect of sound in game. Because for example ARMA2 has example of very terribly done audio. Engine doesnt count any kind of echo at all… Sounds are just flat with no postprocess. and are very repetetive, If you play battle fieald 3 there you have so cinematic sounds that I wasnt sure it is still calculated real time (it is)

So ye you dont care about audio ? Well you dont know what you are missing.

Just to be clear. I marked The Coriolis Effect (TCE) down not because I thought it had been made before the competition, but because it was broken. I got outside the map within the first open area. That for me is a sign of not enough testing.

It is clear that I need to be much more specific in what I expect from a map. Actually, there was one entry that didn’t make it in time, the author said to me he thought I didn’t judge it on looks, just how it played – which is far from the truth.

Anyway, in addition, TCE wasn’t well enough optimized. It lagged significantly in the warehouse making it almost unplayable. Finally, as fantastic as it was, I don’t feel it used the crossbow in an interesting way. You could have replaced the crossbow with other weapons and it wouldn’t have changed the play dynamics.

The winner, Cognition, used the crossbow in a way we haven’t really seen; a way to solve puzzles. That plus the types of puzzles it presented meant it interested me the most.