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@CubicVirtuoso: Something tells me you only look at media and not text :) in the latest newspost it was already described that the stopwatch grenade will be able to do a time freeze, the most important difference with a icy freeze is that players aren’t affected by gravity.

This is the me from last week, just making a comment to prove my DeLorean works.

Great podcast all in all.
I’m surprised you didn’t talk about your thoughts on how the gameplay of Decadence looks though. Judging from the trailer it looks nothing like 2 vs 2 tactical action. It looks like 2 vs 2 round based deathmatch with a “might do it if we can’t find the other team”-objective, which is a real let down. If they actually have good gameplay, suited for 4 players, I don’t understand why they didn’t show it in the trailer or at least gave us a hint on how it would be.
Sure it looks good, but we all know that is just gravy. There’s no point in having a plate of gravy for dinner…

Another great podcast,
also just to make it clear, Alt’ who did the first map(outpost) has taken over complex, soulfather is gonna take care of his now FOUR maps, the 4th is fo_zone_two

also here’s some quick inside info: I’ve recently started making it possible for mappers to do more things, such as give each entity a different respawn time and even delayed spawns.
Also took a first step in a custom map info entity that will allow the mapper to force the gamemode to whatever he wants, toggle sailboat ammo refreshing and more :)

Also I probably shouldn’t do this but oh well.. for anyone interested here’s a early screenshot of the stopwatch model: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/6150/stopwatchnq6.jpg

I believe the glass is missing though :P so it’s not 100% done