2 Responses to “Episode #169”


Another great episode. I have totally missed G-String, I got hyped now. Amazing effort, 5 years in devlopment, from one person. Amazing, I will try it out shortly, thanks for the tip guys!

I really liked the movie posters, some of them sucked though, hehe. I am not sure I would like a Half-Life movie. The experience and journey I had with the games would be super-hard to capture. It would have to be dark. I have seen some Half-Life fan-made movies. They are of high quality, but they just don’t do it. I remember a cool Portal fan-movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4drucg1A6Xk

Maybe that kind of atmosphere. Maybe a Portal movie would be better? … or maybe nothing at all. To be honest, no movies please.

Cool story about the locker-girl. I love this kind of information.

The speedrun of Blue Shift is just crazy. While watching that video I must look like a questionmark. It’s so alien to that kind of stuff. All you speedrunners out there – you are not humans! Go back!! Leave us!!! AAArgh..