10 Responses to “Episode #168”


WOWOW hold on YOu can surely test out your NEW PC on Crysis2 … untouched it is optimized for shitty performence of PS3 BUT when you download Official HD textures and DX11 pack

and than in menu you enable that all it really made my GT560TI 2GB swet so yea

And also METRO2033 is good benchmark because it has badlyoptimized tessalation and very HD textures and ritch particles =P

BUT far best benchmark if you wanna test your new PC Ultimate it is ARMA2 … set it all max and 10000KM vis. range (max) and than you will see how good your rig is =) so Cheers !

THNX for episode!

The one where they detain you is only if they have evidence that you are a terrorist. (If you are a terrorist I don’t consider you and American.)
Very nice episode. Not so organized but very funny.

i would like to see an episode that has nothing but segways to different topics. the list should go, “segway, segway, segway, segway…” like at around 16:24. :)