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Valves been monetizing mods for years EG:Garry’s mod.There are others they take under the wing and profit it from like the multi player games that started as mods ala CS or TF ?

Right on! I dare to say that they will move even further, and do a royalty based scheme with mods. Basically allow (some of) them as DLC, with a percentage going back to Valve.

William, they will monetize mods at some point. Sure, part of the earnings will go to the developers of those mods, but they will get some money after it. They’re doing that already with DLC.

As for how easy is to find good mods and install them, well, planetphillip.com (and MapTap) fills both criteria.

LMAO @ Foxholeboy @ 01:10:50. I will not fail you!! And “Assault on Overwatch” is the old Sniper-Ville map. I actually posted some new shots of it recently. I had to rebuild it for optimization’s sake because I was using a ton of rock models instead of displacements for the “borders” of the map. After replacing the models with displacements, the map is much better.