3 Responses to “Episode #163”


Hello there, I just wanted to leave a belated thanks for the coverage about our move. It’s gonna happen very soon, I promise! The wiki is actually completely move and functional on the new server, we just have to make a few adjustments before the launch. Also, we did ask Valve, and they refused.

All Hallow’s Isle was indeed pretty bad, the result of a lot of technical issues and not enough time. The HDR lighting path wouldn’t compile, it was plagued with entity crashes, and the drink macguffin was basically a last minute addition to provide the barest of reasons for walking around and doing things. Figured I’d at least salvage a profoundly frustrating creation process by including a meager atmosphere morsel.

Regarding the Dota17 podcast: the difference between Podcast17 and the DOTA one is the fact that Podcast17 has at least one person that takes the podcast seriously, moderates the discussion and keeps it on track.