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I liked that you pointed out the difference between free and free-to-play. It should clear up people’s expectations.

Portal 1 was more ‘pure puzzles’, so people who like that enjoyed it more. I have more memories from Portal 1 rather than Portal 2, but I picked Portal 2. My reason was that while Portal 1 was an excellent experiment, they aimed to make Portal 2 a game.

The 7 hours war could be also about the birth of resistance.

I’ll be more blunt about art mods. Art mods are pieces of art. You look out for pieces of art in art galleries, not on gaming sites, regardless if the piece of art was made using a game engine or a blow torch. The equivalent of that would be to display modern sculptures (like the ones made by welding stuff together) at auto shows, because they were also made out of bolts and using welders.
Despite the same raw materials, the end product is different.
And guess what, people want the end product.
Sure, the line is blurred, because some people consider Ferrari’s pieces of art. How about displaying an F50 in an art gallery? In these border cases, it is really up to the person that manages the venue. In this case, Phillip.