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One of the best shows yet (to bad I already voted 5 on all the other episodes, now I can´t give this a higher rating :D ).

The StriderMountain announcement was really exciting and it was really interesting to hear more of Curse. Nice with Phillip on the show as well.

Lol great show guys. To answer some questions about the Zombie Panic: Source v1.5 release and the new barricading system.

Q) Why a red hammer and not an obvious board?
A) World models you pick up are the same model that gets placed in the players hands. With our new animations and model swapping we plan to resolve this issue. So in the future it will be obvious

Q) Why are there so few barricades?
A) Not all maps were recompiled in time for the new cades which will be fixed in the future as well. But the map (ZPO_Harvest) you see me barricading in the preview does actually have quite a few.

Q) M4 and Melee animations.
A) Unfortunately those anims were done hours before release. Most of the weapons were done and we didn’t want to keep the old set of hands for those weapons. Was rushed unfortunately but we’ve proven time and time again that we’re dedicated to polishing up existing content as well. We’re already working on the new animations and cleaning them up so we can release something more to what we wanted to release for v1.5

Also our most common gamemode which wasn’t mentioned is objective mode. So on objective maps you don’t have to wait out a time limit or kill off all zombies but instead must complete a set of objectives to win.

Thanks again for mentioning our release!

-ZP Development Team

In regards to the GoldenEye Source with two articles back to back, they where posted around 6 hours apart and there was other articles in between but they ended up getting deleted or removed from the front page.

Thanks for mention us. I’ll download the show to listen it on my PDA tomorrow as usually.

Hugs to everyone!

Oh forgot to add that I was thinking that the episode numbers might have something to do with the sub heading “Broadcasting truth to Citizens since the Seven Hour War”. I figure maybe time has been incrementing since the 7 hour war? I dunno. Maybe I’m over thinking it, but it is kind of fun to guess.

Haha, that is so funny. I just started listening to Podcast 17 a few episodes ago and I kept wondering what the numbers meant. So I thought I’d post the question. But then I started listening to THIS episode and boom! there’s the question. Which sucks because now I won’t get the answer as soon as I had hoped. I kind of figured the numbers were like a made up time scale. Kind of like a Stardate from Star Trek. I thought maybe the time started from the first Podcast 17 episode and scaled up from there OR maybe has some tie in with Half Life lore.

The EB2009 link you said to use in the show is for the mod that has a broken map in it.Use the link under the filefront one to get fixed files.EB2009 is a mod about russian new year at black mesa.No combat,no aliens.

Great show by the way.

I think this was one of the best podcasts yet, especially with the overly happy philip, really cheered up the show :D
and lol at you guys not knowing about the mace, best part in the whole episode I think :)

@Noopy: haha awesome comment; hope you don’t fall asleep cause you are bored; just narcoleptic.

I was thinking the show number was something to do with the date. I was laughing at the fact that it’s taken this long for anyone to mention it. I think everyone was just thinking “Oh..why don’t I get it? I bet everyone else gets it. I’ll just pretend to get it”

Phillip, your excitement was felt.

I use winamp to listen to the show and you can set it to download the podcast.

Ok seriously, whatever Phillip was on, I want it. NOW =)

Good show as always, the curse doe’s look very cool I shall check it out when the full release is here in March.

I got all excited at the mention of Quake, but my heart dropped when it turned out it was Quake 3 :P

Great show as always, I missed the discussions in this one though. I suppose there were no subjects worth discussing this week (a la no audio questions etc).
If you guys start making a videocast it’ll settle the decision of me getting an iPhone. So for my economies sake, don’t rush it.

Seems sound quality has increased with the changes you’ve undergone, but you might wanna turn Thomas’ mic up a notch or two. It’s always a little hard to hear what he’s saying.

PS. I went forward in time in my DeLorean and commented on next weeks podcast, you can read it next week.

The numbering goes back to roughly 2 weeks after the release of the orange box (okt 10 2007) , but I don’t see why yet. ..

Great cast btw :)

So guys, I want to hear what you think the show numbers mean or how they are chosen?

I have started a topic on the forums so I strongly encourage your thoughts on what you think the numbers mean or how they are decided and stab at the chance to become active in a great community.