4 Responses to “Episode #157”


Any kind of competition in digital distribution is a good thing. Yes, EA did some nasty things in order to promote Origin. Yes, they might pay for this. But finally, if all goes well, you should see lower prices on both platform as a result.
You’re too quick to bash Origin.

In order to preview the map using the browser plugin, you will need the following to be transferred: the BSP, textures, maybe sounds.
These take a lot of bandwidth. Actually, since if you own the game you’d need to get just the BSP (textures and sounds are local, with the distribution of the game), viewing in the browser would transfer more data than just downloading the custom map.

I only won Sanctum, but this entire competion was awesome. Congratulations to the winners of the bag, $50 worth of games and the other prizes. I hope to do this next year.