4 Responses to “Episode #154”


FUCK EA’s Origin it is just their poor try to compete with steam, they are trying to reorient players who are using steam, to their side.

EA evidently see how steam is succesful with their services, how much money they earn, just by distributing.
SImple as that, EA want that money too, no metter what they say – its ovious.

That means that If i wanna close up MassEffect story by ME3, or play battlefield3, or Dead Space3 or whatever fucking game EA made and I have its prequels on steam, Im gonna need to instal their terrible shit to get it running.

ITs like installing different kind of ICQ to chat with specific friends, its stupid.

And after 1-2 years you know what else maight heappend? Every fucking developer out there will create their own digital distribution client, so you gonna need steam, origin for EA, something to run Ubisoft games, IDsoftware games, Eidos, Campcom you name it.

But hey thats OK, because by the time this heappen, all games will be free to play anyways…so lot of us maight stop being intrested in gaming at all.

IT seems to me that no matter how awsome games will apper in future it will be chained in bullshit and fun will be long gone.