2 Responses to “Episode #153”


Steam – good on you. Deus Ex 3 for 16 bucks – Hell yeah!) I wish I was still a student to do my term paper on Valve in its current state. Would’ve been awesome.

Portal 1 or 2 – Definetly 2. I hate being locked alone into a set of rooms. Glados was the only thing keeping me going through the first game. Here in the second one – people can get the back story, different characters arguing and loads more humour than before.

@Steam Adds Rubles, Continuing Growth in Russia:
I think I said this before, I think that adapting prices to the economic power of the market is the best way to increase sales. Even though the amount of money you get in the sort term is smaller, you’re building a user base that will bring a lot of cash in the long run.

@Portal 1 vs. Portal 2:
Dunno. I didn’t finish Portal 2 (yet), but hearing GLADOS openly hostile in the second game right from the begining somehow breaks immersion. Dunno. Portal had it’s breakthrough with me after the first attempt at killing the protagonist, and it is possible things will happen the same with Portal 2.

I liked how the Nuclear Dawn guys handled the interview. Lots of enthusiasm and passion, and if these guys put it to use when building the game, then I think ND might actually become a hit.
Regarding map size, I think it also depends on how many people you expect on a server. If you’re aiming for a good game for 8 – 10 people, medium sized maps work best. I know that for the typical server population for AvP2TF, smaller maps played better.

I want to thank them for pointing out that it seems that Valve does have a royalty-based licensing scheme in place. Good to hear about that, especially since Unity, UDK, CryTech are doing that. I wish Valve would make it a public thing, not something discussed one-on-one between the devs and Valve.

Now, I’m not going to enter the contest for a key for a single reason: my Internet connection is iffy (a 3G modem), definitely not suited for online MP.