5 Responses to “Episode #152”


Great episode, people. Had a lot of fun listening to it. My next e-mail is already sent to you) No Sims 3, unfortunately, but EA is smart enough to only give us “Buy 1, get 1 free” sales((( Looking forward to the next episode. Too bad Emanuel wasn’t there, I wanted to her his Wow to my feedback)

Hey guys, I’m sure you’re all aware now that Titan: XCIX – Part ONE is now out, and I am SO, SO glad those of you that had chance to play it, enjoyed it.

To Shawn I’m really sorry that you didn’t get hold of the early access version, your name was on the list to get hold of a copy but I simply forgot to send it in all the release hubbub. We’ll have to talk about getting you beta access for Part TWO :)

Thanks again guys, looking forward to appearing on the show!!

@prices in Russia: Yep, I can bet that Valve did adapt their prices.

@ppggg: Phillip, I think that the site is just not that well known. You should request people participating to it to tweet or add a comment on Facebook.

It’s not localization of the games (I like them in English); building communities takes time and effort and I believe that there are not too many people willing to do that, be it in Poland or Russia, Romania, US, UK, Canada etc.
Of course, the larger the population of the country and the higher the living standards, the more likely a community for computer games will show up in that country.

As for the Dirt 3 keys, well, I guess they can start suspecting the activations done AFTER the leak was discovered and consider everything before as legit activations.