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Again thanks for reminding everyone of our Contagion-Fans.com Short Story Competition. But just to be clear again, Contagion is definitely not a Mod :)

24 hours left till competition ends :)

Greatest Country in the world. Yeah, right. Did your country pay for its freedom from the Nazis with 27 000 000 + lives? Did your country launch the first manned spaceflight?) No offense, you did great against the Japanese. But Normandy was a bit too late.

As for innovation. I replay a lot of my games including CoDs. Because sometimes more of the same good isn’t a bad thing. When a person says that a sequel is has nothing new it reminds me of a rage comic on Reddit. Sequel. path one – same as the original = fucking rehash. path two – not same as the original = ruined a great franchise with unnecessary innovations. Either way the people aren’t happy. Oh, and the pressing question of MW3 of BF3? I’m getting both. Right after I’m done with Human Revolution and New Vegas.

Sorry, could you repeat that? It’s hard to hear you from the moon.

Wow, the (already ended) cold war just got hot.
Now I can’t say this about FEARoperative, but judging from your picture/declared age, Emanuel, the only notable thing that US did in your current life span is to trigger an economic crisis and ‘bring democracy’ to Middle East. Not something I’d be proud of.

Wasn’t me. It was the baby boomers. Give us another thirty years.

Dunno about a plan, and you can call me an idiot if you want, but I believe that the way out of this current mess will come from US. Not because they’re the greatest country in the world (Kazahstan is, according to Borat :P ), but rather because I think there are more men with balls there. Very few of those in EU unfortunately.

Well, they got my full support, my people are mainly concerned about having food on the table and bills paid. And a new shiny car on a loan and stuff.

That’s pretty extreme))) Brace yourfself for coca-cola cans barrage and Statue of Liberty flamethrowers) I’m 22, btw, so also not much to be proud of. Except for Kosovo. And South Osetia. And a lot of Olympic medals in the 90s. And being the world’s second largest supplier of oil and gas. (which Ukrainians stole once and Europe started freezing). I’m gonna get banned for this)

Mr. Apple Pie, try taking off your helmet, might help)

And if The stupid Khruschev didn’t refuse joint program with Kennedy, the Cold war would’ve ended long before the 80s. The guy ordered corn seeded and grown in tundra regions….Idiot.

However, in terms of “SPAAAACE!”, only Russian ships still fly. Pity, actually, we’re back where we started 50 years ago.

Well, say hello to Apollo 18 parasites)))

Emanuel, from a UI point of view, nothing really changed. From a functionality POV, there are some differences between XP and Win7:
- full memory virtualization
- non execute bits (no more buffer overflow exploits)
And to throw another bit in: the OS-X operating systems were still without any NX bit security measure while Vista already had it.

As for modern warfare games, MW2 is basically a clone of MW. Nothing innovative. Now, for a good mix of story and realism in modern warfare, play the Medal of Honor game. To me it felt far better than any other MW game.