9 Responses to “Episode #150”


Haha, love all the waffle pics so far! And Brian, no problem for the shoutout, I’m sure we’ll have more as development on contagion continues and I’m glad that you listen :)

I’d like to thank you guys for the Contagion shout out and optimism shown for it as well as Zombie Panic: Source though I appreciate those who didn’t care for ZP:S avoiding anything too scathing heh. Contagion is an Indie title and we agree it needs to be gritty and not as clean which I suppose wasn’t clear in my posts but all the textures have only had an initial pass and we haven’t touch the polish phase at all but the game is already looking a bit more to our liking. It also helps to understand that this map at the point in the story takes place a bit earlier into the outbreak. We’ve got a ways to go but we’re quite happy with the positive feedback and as always are taking notes where we might miss something seeing as we’ve been with the project from the beginning. As for the footage I had purposely set it up as it was so I could cover some ground without getting raped (the map is fairly large and the hordes posed issues in recording heh) it also was meant to be somewhat of a teaser/it’s definitely playable and not just a name floating out there. The footage though was taken from the Multiplayer version of the game (which is playable solo, with a friend, with many friends) and optimized to the point where you can take on a very large number of zombies without any/much drop in fps/ping. We’re quite happy with the amount of work that went into making this possible.

As for the positions we’re seeking we’re actually seeking an assistant programmer but obviously someone who knows their stuff as well as another level designer with plenty of experience. Knowing Source is a definite plus.

Once again we appreciate the coverage and we hope our existing fans will love the game as well as those who aren’t fans of ZP:S because I guarantee you this game is quite different.

Brian (aka Tatsur0)