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I liked the stream. I had good quality, I don’t know what the other people are talking about. PLEASE BRING IT BACK

I really enjoyed this. This was the first Podcast 17 I’ve ever listened to… and I think I might have to frequent this site more often. Great job!

I enjoyed the music. Didn’t mind how long it lasted actually. Did you credit the author somewhere? I was wondering who made it.

Excellent podcast as usual but I have some feedback to give you. The music at the beginning is a little long and, William, why do you speak so seriously when introducing what’s in the show? :P

Great podcast guys. Wills jibbering was a good addition to the discussions.

I got to say Dear Esther has some of the best voice acting I have ever heard in a game. Probably THE best even. A must try for any gamer, the voice acting and poetry was dazzling.

Great podcast guys, really enjoyed this one and have downloaded quite a few of the mods you covered this week after your recommendations!

Dear Esther, I think you were spot on with your recommendation here. It certainly isn’t for everyone but I found it absolutely chock-full of atmosphere, with a story that is both deep and interesting. It certainly has some of the best voice acting and music I have ever heard in a free mod and is genuinely tense when some of the spookier scenes are in motion.

Jailbreak.. Awww man where to start with this, you guys just cracked me up through the whole episode! :) I confess I have never tried a jailbreak mod since Quake 2 (I think it was Quake 2 :P) but you manaaged to sell it to me here so I’m gonna be all over the new version when you release it (Good luck with the bug hunting!).

I must say thats a great work ethic you have going on there on the JB team, its very clear you love what your doing and want to keep it fun, and at the same time it seems you have found a system where you can react to fan feedback very quickly and add features they want. I get the feeling that a lot of mod teams look at themselves like professional game developers and can take themselves very seriously which must eliminate some of the fun involved with making your own game, where as you guys seem to have embraced the other side of the coin whereby you are keeping development fun and with a relaxed atmosphere.

Also, I lol’ed at the nuke test level, quite fun :)

Thank you Wills for the mention! Im not the best guy at making maps or models but if you want ideas… ive got them! my mind is overflowing with “game modes” and “map concepts”. Infact.. ive got another great idea right now.. I hope Wills takes me up on the idea ;)

Fantastic Podcast!


Yeah, the stream quality is pretty bad and it’s hard to make out what’s going on without having to concentrate on the cast.

Other than that, great show. ^__^

I don’t know if its just me but the streaming vesion sound quality seems to actually be worse with lots of audio artifacts and distortion :( I can barely here what people are saying.

I’ll try the download version and see how that is!