7 Responses to “Episode #149”


Reyalpados – Average gamer that listens to a Valve news podcast.

Reyalpados’ ultimate grants him one immediate contest win. Cooldown: 2 weeks.

Gnome Chompski: he just kind of sits there, being cute and decorative. And his ultimate would be blasting off in the White Forest rocket, and then re-entering the atmosphere, becoming a flaming fireball of gnome, that smashes any opponent around him!

Hover waffle- A giant innocent looking waffle that hovers around. Ultimate, rains down boiling syrup from the sky scalding its enemys.

Huge meateating snail from hell! Who’s ultimate is extremly slowly charge his opponent !!! SO slowy that opponent just drop dead bored, before snail finally reach him. Its AWSOME !

Oh and Im not from Canada … shit and I felt like winner today.

William- ultimate is to entangle ,silencing and ensnaring them, enemies in his epic beard
while the enemy is snared William reads them some of the fanfic he has stumbled upon *wink *wink dealing damage on how high the enemies intellect level is every second.

Level 1 fanfic is a story of Himself Saving the world 1x level of intellect, snare lasts 3 seconds

Level 2 fanfic is a story of How the combine learned to love all the animals in the forest 2x level of intellect, snare lasts 4 seconds

Level 3 fanfic is a story of Father Grigori Mossman and what they do in their creeply sexual off time 2.5x level of intellect, and lower intellect permanently lowering their intellect by 2 after they are done throwing up, rendering therm useless, for 3 seconds (snare still lasting 4 seconds)

Stalin with fear of nuclear weapons and the ability to use hitler as a fist to bitch slap you with hitler