5 Responses to “Episode #148”


I enjoyed the interview with the creator of The Stanley Parable. This guy will do great things and I hope he keeps up this level of creativity and vision. I was put off however by his comment after he said he gave the game to his sister and he was surprised that
she did not clamp on to the feature of being able to choose a path to receive a different outcome. If you had no idea that the game was designed that way, Why would you automatically defy the instructions of the narrator on the first play through. I often play a mod with out reading the instructions or the premise, and go on reviews and the title. Then I’ll read about it later.

I followed the maze to the cheese the first time and then when I heard the pod cast I whent back to play the game. At that point I went back and challenged all the choices there were to be had.

In all, I loved playing it the narration was fantastic as stated by just about everybody who reviewed it. It reminded me a little of narrator in The Lemony Snickets Movie. The simplicity of mapping did not detract from the mod at all and the snarky humor was great. Thanks to Davey.

Ooh I won? What do I do now, I’m on a kindle in the middle of michigan and barely have a connection. quantumdylan isnt my steam name eweeeweeurh53 is. Cant wait to lsten to this episode!

William sent the key in a response to the “Zombie picture” email you sent (which was from the same email address you use to comment). When you have connectivity enough to log into Steam, use “Add a game” > “Activate a product on Steam” in the lower left and enter the key.


Terribly sorry, just got home. Promise I will stop bothering you all with annoying questions.

Thank you very much, listening to the episode right now. Great job as always guys!