9 Responses to “Episode #147”


Ummm, I’m terribly sorry to ask this. Where do I send the zombie pic of William? I’ve got a bad memory an can’t remember.

Just to clarify the “Let’s Talk” project. It’s not because I think I am so cool or special that people have to arrange to chat with me.

I just wanted to offer a way for completely new players to jump the learning curve and have their personal questions answered about the modding scene directly, instead of having to fight to find the info.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be me to answer those questions, but up until now, this service has never been offered.

One steam Friend even offered to join a “rota” of potential “reps” so that we could cover more timezones etc. In fact, that would be a very cool thing to have, so that people were available 24 hours a day, any where in the world.

Anyway, thanks for covering my stuff.