4 Responses to “Episode #146”


that EA games no longer on steam isn’t about any stupid DLCs nor updates, its about F*UCKNIG EA wanting large money from digital distribution, like Steam sucessfully make. Therefor EA created their own client called Origin, wanting all their producs making money to only them.

For that I say FU EA !

Haha. its true guys, give them the money THEY DESERVE IT!!! I know I’ll do my part to contribute, in more than one way ;)

No, don’t listen to Josh! Give us more money!

We’re honestly massively chuffed that we’ve managed to get 50% of our target in one single day, but that won’t amount to anything if we don’t make the target, so… Help us actually get the money that’s been pledged so far by pledging us all the way to $15k (and above if you feel like it; we promise to make good use of the money)! ;)